House Day!

Yep this is me today!

Today has been house jobs day, which are now finished! phew.  I love my house when it is clean and tidy but give The Boys and Treacle ten minutes and it looks like I have never cleaned in my life!!!!!

Eldest is busy revising again but is now having a break as I think it is getting to him a little bit!  The first exam is Monday morning at 9.00am for three hours and the second one is Tuesday morning at 9.00am for three hours so I think the nerves are getting to him!!!!  I have suggested he take a break for a while and do something else!

Youngest has had a PJ day, this means he got in the shower this morning and then straight back in his pajamas!!!!!  He will need to get dressed in a little while as it is swimming tonight!

I have done a couple more blocks for Eldest’s quilt and I am determined that by this time next week it will be done!!!!  There I have said it!!!! So it must be true, right?

I also need to get some other quilty gifts done as there are birthdays and things coming up!  Oh my!!!!

Saturday we are going to Nottingham shopping as I have to get a couple of things for Youngest and get his shoes checked and also try and fit in a visit to family too!  So it will be a busy day and then Youngest wants to invite a friend round for a sleepover so I will probably be shattered by Sunday.

I hope you have a thrilling Thursday.

Susie x

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