Long Weekend Lots of Jobs done!


This is a large gin and tonic!

I need it to tackle the washing that youngest has brought home from Scout camp!!!  He had a great weekend, only interrupted by a swimming competition on Saturday night.  The weather was great, which is really unusual for one of our long weekends, and they got to do lots of things including shooting, archery, high wires, games and a party.  On the Sunday evening they had a fantastic firework display, which we could also see as the camp is in the woods above our village!


The Washing!!!!!

He came home yesterday afternoon, tired, happy and quite dirty!!!!  Eldest spent the weekend revising for his exams and is working really hard for the exams when they go back next week.

DH, Treacle and I spent the long weekend in the garden trying to get some tidying up done.  We hadn’t really been able to get into the garden until now as the weather has been so bad.  In fact it said on the radio that it had been the coldest Spring for thirty years and I can believe it.  It was really warm on Saturday and Sunday and not so much Monday but we got a lot of work done.

Unfortunately I forgot to get some pictures and today it is pouring with rain!  Treacle loved the weekend as she loves spending time outside and when she came in, in the evening, she was so tired she lay down in her basket and we didn’t hear from her for the rest of the night!!!!!

Having made best use of the weather, no quilting was done 🙁  so whilst the Boys are off this week for half term I am going to sneak a few hours in each day to try and get Eldest’s quilt finished.  The quilt projects are starting to pile up and I need to get moving on them. 

Also it is going to be a busy few months with the usual summer activities coming up, Carnival, Swimming Open, Birthdays as well as Year End for our Business year so I know the next few weeks will fly by in a blur!!!!

Anyway I had better get on now as Youngest is out at his Maths tutor later and I was going to get my hair cut but that has now been cancelled!  Oh well I will soon look like Treacle, very long hair and curly!!!!!!

Have a Terrific Tuesday

Susie x

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