What Is It?!


I can’t show you all the material which has just arrived, but I can show you this bit!  I can’t wait to get going on this and it will be for September but I have to concentrate on getting Eldest’s quilt done before I start anything else!!!!!

Today has been a catch up day as well as House jobs day.  I have also addressed all the envelopes for Eldest’s 18th Birthday party in August.  Yesterday was a great day for deliveries.  Normally it’s bills or rubbish but the postman knocked on the door and there were two packets of fabric (happy face!!!!) a large box with table decorations in for the party and the invitations, it was great fun.

I also forgot to show you the books which arrived in the Amazon packets which Treacle had purloined!!


I am always on the lookout for new patterns for mug rugs.  I love them and they are great for using up your scraps


I have a baby quilt to make and saw this for some inspiration.


Well I just liked the look of this book and its great!

It’s swimming tonight so I have to get dinner ready before we leave and then tomorrow I have to bake another cake as Youngest is at Scout camp all weekend.  The weather is supposed to be nice for the weekend and it is a long weekend as we have a holiday on Monday.  DH and I are hoping to get the garden sorted as we haven’t had a chance yet this year with the weather being so bad.  It is still cold here though!

Hope you have a thrilling Thursday.

Susie x


Treacle is waiting for the Boys to get back from school and she is cold!

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