Monday Madness!



Youngest comes home last week and says Mom I need some cakes for next week for our Tea Party we are doing in class.  SO not for the bake sale but for class!  Oh and he would like my orange loaf cake and some cupcakes please?!!!!!

So yesterday morning was spent cooking and I then had a load of ironing to catch up on and Eldest is at home revising before the exams and Treacle was having a mad day!!!!  I should have gone to Quilt Club last night but by 6.00pm I was wiped out!!

This morning I added the strawberries, ironed the table cloth he needed and packed everything up for school.  Eldest took him for me and the cakes got there mostly in one piece.  DH and Eldest are hoping that some of them will come home too!

This morning I was out with Treacle in the garden and whilst she was busy trying to find the squirrel I walked around the pots and they are doing really well



These are my winter pansy pots and they have flourished since Spring finally arrived  However it just shows how things are late in the garden this year, my wisteria is only just coming out and normally by now it is all over and so, too, are the rhododendrons



I know one thing I have noticed this year is how green everything is.  Now I know green is green but this year it certainly seems more vibrant, which I think is because of all the rain we had last year.

Here is a picture of the trees around the garden and the picture does not really show what I mean but it really is green!


I have work to catch up on today, which I didn’t do yesterday and I am going to try and get some quilting done tonight.  

The Ball was a great success and Eldest and Girlfriend had a lovely evening, the food was good and there were speeches and after they finished they went on to a night club, although our two were not very impressed.  DH got the call to go and collect them at 1.30am and they got back and sat talking to us for half an hour and then went to bed.  They didn’t appear again until 11.00am!  We saw some of the others the next day and they got home around 4.00am!!!!!

Oh well I had better get on with some work.  Treacle has got indigestion this morning and I have given her a little bit of bicarb, now she is burping everywhere!!!!!!  Joy

Have a terrific Tuesday

Susie x

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