Quilt Show Take Two


Although there were not as many retailers here, as at the big show in August, there was still plenty to buy!  I made the classic mistake of having a quick look at the stalls and then heading off to see the quilts before it got busy.  I saw a couple of bundles of fat quarter fabrics that I was interested in but of course by the time I got back they had gone!!!!  Won’t do that again!

Anyway I did get some material for a couple of quilts I want to make from one of the stalls.  You know what its like when you have the specific fabric in mind and then don’t see exactly what you want.  Well fortunately I did at the show.

I have a baby quilt to make and here are the fabrics I have chosen for it


I love this panel. 


These are the materials I bought to go with it.

I also saw this panel at the same stall and as you know we love doggies.  In fact some of them remind me of Treacle!


For Christmas DH and The Boys bought me this picture and I love it.  It’s in our kitchen and looks great.  Having looked at in place for a few months it came to me that the colours would be great as a quilt.


I love this picture.

Anyway I have started to collect material so I can plan something out.  Here is the start


As always I have more ideas and material than time!!!!!! Now if only you could buy more time at a stall!!!!


Treacle is waiting for the new dog quilt as she thinks it is for her! Here is her latest trick, walking around with an empty bottle in her mouth!  She now retrieves them out of the recycling basket!!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Susie x

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