Quilt Show.


Although I am not getting much quilting done (still working on Eldest’s quilt), I did get to go to the British Quilt & Stitch Village at Uttoxeter Racecourse, Staffordshire on April 26th.


The Racecourse where the show was held.

It only began a couple of years ago but has gotten bigger each year.  It is great to have a show near us and I have noticed that more and more are springing up.  The major show is in August at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham but I can’t always make that one, so these local shows are a real treat.

I took pictures of the quilts I liked best.


This quilt by Hilary Beattle of Lincoln which is bonded applique, machine and hand stitched and an original design.


Quilt by Helen Conway of Merseyside.  African Batik, shwe shwe, kola dyed fabrics pieced and appliqued.  A fun tribute to author Alexander McCall Smith and Magie Relph.


This reminded me of the Blog Hop Bowls with Borders from Madame Samm


This was a beautiful quilt made from embroidery pieces picked up in charity shops.  Generally old table cloths, tea cloths and tray cloths which were stained in places but the embroidery had been rescued and made into this quilt.


Blocks & Beads by Jane Waumsley, Derbyshire. 


This quilt is titled “England’s Green and Pleasant Land” by Sue Fawcett of Bednall

I love the colours.


This Quilt is called “Golden Geese” By Anja Townrow who does some wonderful pieces.


“Heart of the Peak” by Greta Fitchett of Derby.  I don’t usually like art quilts but this is great.  Designed in the style of a 1920’s railway poster, depicting a Derbyshire Village.  Bounded applique and machine embroidery.


I love this.  It is called “New Hats – Old Friends” by Jenny Rundle of Andover and quilted by Mandy Parks.


I just love this quilt!


This is called Madrona Corners and I think the effect is great.


This reminds me of Scotland


This quilt is called Transition : In, Out, Up Down.


This is called “Where I Live” by Thomas Procter of Nottingham which is my home town too!


I Love the Autumn feel of this quilt.


And this one too.

There was also a special exhibition of work by Dianne Huck who sadly passed away this year.  She was a founding member of the British Patchwork and Quilting Magazine and also a founder of the Quilts UK exhibition in Malvern.  She was one of the most influential quilt makers and facilitators of her generation.  Here are a selection of quilts made by Dianne and also ones given to her on her travels.


I just love this table runner.


This looks more like a picture than a quilt and I could have easily taken this home with me.


I could also see this one at home too!!!!

As this has been a long post I will show you tomorrow the things I bought! 

I hope you have a fantastic Friday and happy Quilting.  We have friends coming round for dinner tonight and looking forward to seeing their holiday pictures of their three week holiday in the US.

Susie x

One thought on “Quilt Show.

  1. Tom Parr

    Perhaps we should do a video blog of you on You-Tube and get money when it goes viral….


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