Where Does Time Go?


Well April has gone by and I honestly don’t know where it went! 

We were away for two weeks of it on vacation and had a great time.  The above picture is a view from our bedroom window (in fact a view from all the main windows of the cottage where we stayed)  The weather was cold and most evenings we had some snow, which had gone by lunchtime.  However it was also very bright so we managed to get out and about on walks.  The Boys also went cycling and we all went swimming (indoors of course!).  The two weeks flew by and we were soon back to work!

Work has been hectic since we got back and catching up for me on what wasn’t done before we went away.  By the second week of being back I was up to date, which was a relief.  DH has been busy and has now managed to catch a heavy cold with a very annoying cough so most nights he is keeping me awake and then he is getting up early for work, so by about 5.00pm it feels like10.00pm to me!!!!!!!  He is slowly getting over it and I am really hoping I won’t catch it as well!

The Boys are back at school with Eldest now gearing up for his final exams before he finishes School for good!!  I cannot believe that it will be fourteen years since he first started (now that has flown by)  However when I think of all the things we have done in those fourteen years it has been an amazing and fun journey!  Youngest is also doing his end of year exams too so they are both a little stressed.

Youngest has also had four teeth out now and his big braces go on next week and the week after so he is feeling a little sorry for himself at the moment, but it has not stopped him swimming.  They have a competition on Saturday where he will be one of the eldest competing at that level so he is really looking forward to that.

Treacle came home from the kennels full of the joys of spring and is next week off to the Hairdressers for a much needed hair cut.

The weather has definitely improved and I managed over the long weekend just gone to get my Spring cleaning finished (DH helped a lot).  It is so good to get it done and the house looks wonderful.  I usually get it done before we go away but the weather was so bad I just didn’t feel like it.  We just now need to tackle the garden the next time the weather is good.

Below are a few more pictures of our holiday and I will be back tomorrow with more of what we have been up to.

Hugs, Susie x

DSC02726 DSC02751 DSC02757 DSC02767 DSC02772 DSC02770

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