This is What We Found This Morning!


This is what we found this morning!

Yes it started to snow last night at 10.00pm and snowed all night so it looked like this when we woke up!  It is supposed to snow all day on and off and tomorrow too!!  And it is March 22nd!!!!  Last year today’s temperature was 20°C, this year it is 0°C so freezing!  What a difference a year makes.

Eldest and Youngest were in foul moods too as School is open!!!  The primary school in the village has closed but not the senior school so they are really miffed!  In fact we had such a delightful breakfast this morning (sarcasm here!!!!!!).

Anyway I need to do house jobs this morning as yesterday was spent working all day for work and also getting some paperwork done for the swimming club!

Tomorrow we are supposed to be going to Rockingham Race Track for Youngest’s First Drive but it all depends upon the weather, so fingers crossed it will go ahead! 

Treacle is tucked up in her basket asleep and I don’t think she will be moving far although she loves playing in the snow, it is really cold!

Have a Fun Friday

Susie x


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