National Quilting Day Today!

Today is National Quilting Day.  Why is is always on a day when I can’t do any quilting?  Trying to get on with some Spring Cleaning before Easter as we are going away to Scotland for the holidays!  Then when we get back it will be out in the garden and getting that sorted after its Winter hibernation!

Busy few days with work and the Boys are busy at school and getting very tired.  We went to the Boys’ Godparents last night for supper and had a wonderful evening.  They are always fun to be with and they have now finished the huge extension they were having on the back of the house.  I am very envious as Carol now has a living kitchen and it is great and I would so love to have one but don’t have the space or money to add on to our existing kitchen!  Oh well I will just have to spend lots of time round there!!!!

Youngest is swimming tonight but for Scouts this time and looking forward to that.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Susie x


It’s raining and cold again Mom, but I don’t mind I am tucked up in my basket with my toy!

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