Thursday House Day!!!!

Yeah, right!  I like housework when it is finished!!

This is what I am doing today, house jobs. Well trying, but the phone keeps ringing, so I am now behind!!!!  

This weekend we have swimming all day on Saturday and Sunday I am trying to get on with the Spring cleaning, which I need to get done before Easter, which is only now three weeks away!  Friday night we are going round to our friend’s house, for dinner, before they leave for the States for a three-week holiday.  I am so envious!!! 

The Boys have school work to do and then it will be Monday again.  While the Boys are out on Saturday I have decided not to go and am going to try and get a lot of Eldest’s quilt blocks done.  I have also seen a great pattern on The Missouri Quilt Company You Tube site for a bag which I would like to have a go at.  It seems really simple, whereas some of the bag patterns I have seen are really complicated.  I had a go at one pattern and it was so unclear, I ended up making it how I thought it should go, not to the pattern.  Needless to say I will not be buying from that company again.

Oh well I had better get on. 

Susie x

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