Busy Weekend!


This is where DH and I went on Saturday night!  It is the adult Pantomime I was talking about!  One of the chaps we work with lives in Barlow, North of us, and this is their village pantomime.  The official title for the Barmpots is Barlow Amateur Repertory Musical Pantomime Operatic Theatrical Society!!! Not that they have done much of the operatic bit.  Two of their members write the Pantomime themselves, including the songs, and the whole evening is a riot.  You also get a pie and pea supper as well, which is always excellent. 

DH and I went on Saturday night, the last night of three, and there was definitely an air of last night performance so lets go for it!! It was a great night and so funny.  So thanks to Phil and his neighbours for brightening up a very cold March evening!

Saturday during the day Youngest was swimming at the County Championships and did really well, coming second in his heat and knocking two seconds off his personal best time for 50m Free.  DH, having now retired as Chairman of our swimming club, was presented with an award for his contribution not just to our Club but the Area as well!  Saturday evening Youngest was at one of his friend’s 13th Birthday for pizza and a sleepover, or wakeover as we call them, as there is not much sleeping done!!

Sunday our friends came to stay and we had not seen them for over a year, although we had obviously kept in touch by phone and email. The Boys and Girlfriend were here to, so we had a good evening.  They left Monday morning to fly back to Jersey.  Next time we will see them is when they come over for Eldest’s birthday!

Youngest came home from Scouts last night and they had been creating things for Mother’s Day on Sunday.  This is what they were doing :


And this is how it came home with my Youngest!


I think the words were, Mom can you help me sew it!!!!!!!!!

The house is now back to normal after our friends visit and I am catching up on work this morning.  Eldest and Girlfriend are going to one of their friends 18th Birthday on Friday and yesterday was told it was fancy dress, can I just order these two fancy dress costumes please? Yes no problem, but we need them by Friday, yes okay!!!!!!!!  I really must try and get them into the habit of planning and organisation!!!!

Hopefully tonight I will be able to get some sewing done on Eldest’s quilt.  I cannot believe it is March already and before I know it, it will be September and hopefully he will be off to Uni!!!!

Must get on.  Have a Thrilling Tuesday!

Susie x


Treacle you really need to help! 

I am Mom, I am looking cute, that’s helping!!!!!!

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