The Wednesday Wag


The Wednesday Wag

It has been a busy old world here at Quilt Creations.  Mom has been busy making a quilt for Eldest and I have been really busy helping!  Well Mom says it is not helping when I keep stopping her and asking for a biscuit!


This is where I sit for my biscuit!

The weather has not been too good in the last few weeks, so walks have been shortened, it really is cold.  But that’s not too bad as I had my lovely thick coat of hair and if it really was cold, Mom put on my special outdoor coat too!


Then Wednesday of last week, Mom took me to the hairdressers as she said I was getting too curly and it was taking her too long to dry me and get my paws clean!  I don’t know what she means.  Anyway I now look like this :



And I am frozen!!!!!


I even have to curl up small in my basket because I am cold!

I will definitely need my outer coat on when I go for a walk now!!


My garden is also very muddy at the moment so not much fun to be running around in.  Hopefully Spring will soon be here and I can spend more time outside.

Mom has lots to do today, as friends are coming to stay at the weekend and my Boys are out and about.  Which is good as that means I can spend lots of time on their beds!!! I don’t know whey they call it a dog’s life, mine is pretty good!!!

Have a waggy Wednesday.

Treacle – Woof

Animal Paw Print

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