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This was taken ten minutes ago!!!

No, no quilting was done over the weekend due to me suffering from a sinus infection down the left side!!!!!!  I hate going to the Doctors but the pain was so bad during the night, insert no sleep here!!!! I got an appointment for this morning.  The Doctor has given me a course of antibiotics with the instructions of keeping warm, lots of warm baths with plenty of steam and if it hasn’t gone in a week to return!!!

I hate being ill and I hate going to the Doctors but I had to!

We woke this morning to a covering of snow and then since about 9.30am it has been snowing heavily although the snow feels very “wet” but is settling.  Treacle is in seventh heaven as she loves the snow, as you can see from the picture at the top of the blog!

I will be happy when the Boys are home from school and DH home from work, then I can relax and enjoy the snow! 

I hope you have a merry Monday wherever you are.

Susie x


Yes Treacle I know you love the snow but have to get dried when you come in!

Some Quilting Before Christmas!


Carol’s Birthday Present!

It was The Boys’ Godmother’s Birthday at the beginning of November and for the last eighteen months she has been having her kitchen extended!  The extension went up quickly and the outer work was done, but you know what its like, all the internal things have taken ages!!!

Christmas was looming so all hands on deck to get everything finished before the 25th and they just made it.  Well the kitchen was fitted and the appliances in!!! 

So for her Birthday I made her a table runner which will either go on her table when it is all finished or on the breakfast bar.

I managed to get it finished, but it was a couple of days after her Birthday but she didn’t mind and she loved it. 


I made log cabin blocks and then put a cream border round and then bound it in the yellow material which has coffee beans on.  They love coffee!  I was really pleased how it turned out.

Today is a jobs in the house day, changing the beds and towels and tonight is Swimming Club so no quilting tonight, but I have done some!  I will show you what I have done at the weekend.

Have a thrilling Thursday

Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!


Happy New Year!

Yes Mom and I are now back!  What do you think of our new Blog?  Great isn’t it?

I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  The whole family were off for the whole two weeks and although the weather was not good, we still had fun.

As you can see from the picture above this was one of my Christmas presents, a new football.  My old one, which was outside, had become rather dilapidated so Santa brought me a new one.  I managed to pop it straight away so now it looks better than ever!!!


I also wore my Santa hat all day, it did keep my ear warm.  Although Mom said I needed one for the other ear!!!!

Everyone is now back at school and work so I am now catching up on my sleep.  It was so busy over the last two weeks that I really am very tired. Mom is busy at her desk working so I am tucked up in my basket beside her catching some zzzzzzz.


Have a wonderful Wednesday, Woof!


Animal Paw Print

Catchup 2 !!!


Some of our Swimmers at Presentation Night 2012

Another catchup!

on December 21st we had our Swimming Club’s Presentation Night.  This is where we present all the trophies to the children who have won trophies and medals at the two Championships we run during November. 

Also present was Molly Renshaw, our Olympic hopeful, who had come along to see the youngsters and see us all.

Eldest is staying as Club Captain for the coming year and we have a new Captain for the Girls, Rachel and two new Vice Captains


The Captains and Vice Captains getting their shirts.

Eldest and Youngest got some trophies and medals as well


Eldest receiving one of his Trophies from our Life President Mr Frank Mansey


Youngest with one of his medals.

The evening went very well with a buffet and disco and the children all had a great time.  Swimming had finished on the previous day, so they didn’t have to get up the next morning for the 8.00am session!!!!

I didn’t quilt last night but I was sewing!  Youngest was back at Scouts last night and I realised he had two badge on from last year which needed to be removed and put on his camp blanket.  I also had four badges to sew on the blanket as well.  I then had to take him to Scouts as DH was at the swimming club meeting. 

Saturday Youngest is at the Scout’s Chili Challenge, this is where they camp out under canvas for a night!  Last year it was snowing but this year it is forecast to be just cold, so he will definitely needs his blanket.   I always think they should have chili and rice for dinner but they usually have fish and chips!!!!

I also had to repair Youngest’s bag for school!!!!  So I did do some sewing, just not what I had intended!!!!!

Happy Tuesday.

Susie x

Remember This ?


This is Eldest with his car whilst he was learning to drive.

On December 3rd Eldest took his driving section of his Test and Passed!!!!!!!  

So I now have another thing to worry about, Eldest out on the roads.  He is a good driver, don’t get me wrong, but he is now out there with everyone else on the road!!!!

Do you remember when they are first born and you worry about everything?  When they are crying all night, having been fed, changed and cuddled and you still don’t know what they want?! Then when they are asleep you have to poke them to make sure they are breathing?!

When they first go off to school and they are out there with all these other children who you think are just not right? 

When they get their first Girlfriend/Boyfriend and you worry about what is going off?

Well I can honestly say watching Eldest go off for the first time on his own, having just passed his test, is by far the worst out of all the above and many more things when they are small and under your watchful eye.

On Saturday I saw a couple with which was obviously their first baby, not very old.  I said to DH do you remember when the Boys were like that and then do you remember how difficult we thought it was then?  Wait until that baby is 17!  Babyhood is nothing compared to now!!!!!!

My First New Year Resolution is:

To Quilt Something Everyday!!!!!

This means Eldest’s quilt blocks.  It is quite a large block and I have cut it out and put all the pieces for one block into ziploc bags.  There are a lot of bags but my aim is to get a bag out each day and sew it.  That is my pledge!  Hopefully then leaving weekends to do some other quilting.  


This is the block

So check in with me later in the week and see if I have managed to fulfill this Resolution!!!!!!

Susie x

Christmas 2012!


Our Christmas Lights outside.

As today is Twelfth Night and we have taken our decorations down and I hate how the house looks.  So to cheer myself up I have a few pictures of Christmas for you.


Our Christmas Cards all written and waiting to be posted.


Our Christmas Cake – Yes it looks the same every year as we have decorations from my Mother and Grandmother!


Our Table on Christmas Day.


The Lights up the stairs


The Gifts after a visit from Santa!

Treacle does not want to show you what she got for Christmas until her piece on The Wednesday Wag!

The weather has been dreadful really over Christmas and New Year, today being the best for a long time.  So we did not, as usual, get out and about for walks that we normally do.  No one seemed to want to move, including Treacle.

The Boys have gone back to swimming club tonight, first time in two weeks, so they will be shattered and tomorrow is school.  Oh well it has been a lovely two weeks but back to normal now.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and New Year and next week I am beginning Eldest’s Quilt.

Susie x

Catchup !

ImageTreacle helping open the presents!!!!

On December 2nd Youngest became a teenager!!!!!  Oh my!  I now have two of them in the house!!!  Although Eldest at 17 is starting to be a little more human!!!!  

As we always seem to have an issue with the weather around Youngest’s Birthday, two years ago heavy snow and then frozen snow, this year it was heavy frosts!!!  He had asked for two friends from school to come round for a sleepover and a visit to the cinema with a pizza dinner, which we did.  They had a great evening and we went to see the new Bond movie, Skyfall.  Great fill, we all enjoyed it.

This year his Birthday fell on a Sunday which was good, as quite often he is at school. Whereas Eldest, whose Birthday is in August, is always on holiday (no it does not go down well!!!!).  After his friends had gone home, and on his Birthday, we had to put the Christmas decorations up!  It has become quite a tradition now, if not a rush!!!!


Not perfect but they loved it!

On the Saturday evening we also went to a friend’s 50th Birthday celebrations, a BBQ, outside, in December!  Yes we were cold but it was fun!!!!!!


Youngest and friends with his cake!!!!

Youngest is now looking forward to all the things he can now do as a teenager (not sure what he thinks they are, but hey ho!!!!)

Must dash as we have friends coming for dinner tonight and I haven’t prepared anything yet!!!!!

Susie xx

Friday January 4th !


Our Christmas Tree

Well it’s now January 4th and already January has filled up in my diary!!!!  A good friend asked if I had made any New Year Resolutions and I haven’t. I make them every year and then by the end of January I have either forgotten them or there was no way I was going to accomplish it.

This year I have decided to keep a diary, handwritten no less, and go with a weekly, one resolution only, and try and make sure that I achieve it!!!!!  Well that’s the plan.  I will let you know at the end of January if I have succeeded!!!!

This weekend we have friends coming for dinner tomorrow night, who we haven’t seen since before Christmas.  Then Sunday is going to be take the decorations down and clean, so we start a clean slate for Monday, when the Boys are back at school.

I hate taking the decorations down, I hate how the house looks when they are down.  I love Christmas, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!  I hate January, it always reminds me of Monday mornings!!!!!!  Although because things have been difficult in 2012, I did put up multi coloured lights early in our den (the office) and I think I am going to leave them up!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  Next week I will show you some of the things we have been up to from my last post on the old site and now.

Susie x


I think We Are Getting There……….!!!!!!!

Well I think we are finally getting there with our new place!

Do you like it?  I still have one or two tweeks to do but it is coming along. I can now get back to reading all the blogs I follow and also get some of the lots and lots of pictures I need to show you uploaded!!!  Hope you are feeling strong for this!!!!!!!

Christmas and New Year are now behind us and we are gearing up for going back to work and school.  Eldest is busy revising for exams later this month and Youngest is just back into the swing of things.  Business is busy as always and hopefully 2013 is going to be better for everyone in business, than 2012 was!

I also have two major projects this year – Eldest’s quilt for when he hopefully goes off to Uni and to finish his scrap books (Yes I have a lot of pages still to do!!!!!).

I will keep you updated on my progress. 

It is now 10.15pm here and I am suffering with another cold (!) so I am off to bed and will hopefully feel a little better tomorrow.


Susie & Treacle xx