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Monday Madness!


This is what our garden looks like!


Lots and lots of snow!

Today has been Monday Madness.  The Schools are open and the main roads are not too bad but the side roads are dreadful!  The Boys were not happy when they heard that school would be open and I set off three quarters of an hour earlier and got them there in plenty of time but the journey home took half an hour longer!  I now have to do the reverse trip an hour earlier than normal, as they are closing earlier because the journeys home will be longer!

Of course there have been the usual bumps and prangs where people have been going too fast for the conditions and what I couldn’t believe this morning, when it was still quite dark, people didn’t have their car headlights on!

It is still snowing at the moment, although it is very fine, it is settling well and it is forecast to do this all night, so tomorrow should be interesting too!  DH has had to go South today to visit a customer and again the motorways are fine just the side roads.  All events tonight have been cancelled, so Scouts for Youngest and Quilt Club for me but I am not too worried in this weather.  If you don’t have to go out then why go out?

When I was driving around earlier they were talking about the 1963 Big Freeze on the radio.  It was so bad that year that the sea froze for up to one mile from shore in Kent, there were 18 inches of snow in Staffordshire and temperatures dipped to -19.4°C in Sunderland! The River Thames did not freeze, like in the past with the Frost Fairs, as a bridge had been removed to aid the flow of the water and the two power stations now fully operating kept the water warm.

The Frost Fair of 1814.

So I am now back at home getting some work done and then I will be off to brave the Arctic conditions once again!!!!!!


Even Treacle is cold having spent a long time playing in the snow!

Having a Marvelous Monday

Susie x

Snow Day ?

Yes it is a snow day but not for The Boys!!!  The school has opened!  We had a call yesterday from School to say that the exam would be on regardless what the rest of the school was doing so Eldest was going anyway, but the snow which was forecast to be really bad, was not so bad! Youngest is not pleased, especially as his first lesson is PE and he is doing cross country running!  I have made him take a towel for when he gets back soaked!!!!

We have a business meeting this morning, the Bank! Then I am off to do the grocery shopping so I have everything for the weekend before tomorrow.  They are still forecasting snow all day today, tomorrow, Monday and now Tuesday so it could be up to the windows by then!!!!

I hope you have a fantastic Friday wherever you are and I will be quilting this weekend, I will, I will!!!!!!

Susie x

It Never Rains But It Pours!

You know on New Years Eve when you are celebrating the start of a New Year and you think it can’t be worse than the one just gone?

Well it Can!!!!

Not only do I have a sinus infection I also have an abscess on a tooth on the same side as the sinus problems!!  SO I am currently taking antibiotics for the infection and penicillin for the tooth and then, joy of joys, I have to go in on Tuesday to have a root canal done on the tooth!!

As you can imagine I am not a happy otter at the moment!!! 

Tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday and Monday it is due to snow here and on Saturday our Swimming Club is hosting our 40th Anniversary Gala, where there are hundreds of people coming from all over the country!  Well hopefully they will be if the snow doesn’t stop them.  We are also at Matlock’s swimming pool, The Arc, which is heading into The Peak District where the snow is usually worse!  So please keep your fingers and toes crossed for us.

Today is house jobs day and I need to catch up on some work too, which I have missed over the last two days because of my trials and tribulations!  Eldest has an important exam tomorrow too so it is all happening. 

Saturday evening DH and I are going to two friends Birthday celebrations as they are both sixty this year!  Hopefully my face will be feeling like smiling by then, this is after spending twelve hours at the swimming pool!

Sunday I am hoping to do some quilting on Eldest’s quilt!!!!!!!!!!  I have also signed up for Madame Samm’s Blog Hop in February, more details to follow.

Treacle is happy, the Australian Open has been on all week and she is watching the tennis balls, not the tennis, just the balls!!!!!

Have a Thrilling Thursday

Susie  & Treacle xx



This was taken ten minutes ago!!!

No, no quilting was done over the weekend due to me suffering from a sinus infection down the left side!!!!!!  I hate going to the Doctors but the pain was so bad during the night, insert no sleep here!!!! I got an appointment for this morning.  The Doctor has given me a course of antibiotics with the instructions of keeping warm, lots of warm baths with plenty of steam and if it hasn’t gone in a week to return!!!

I hate being ill and I hate going to the Doctors but I had to!

We woke this morning to a covering of snow and then since about 9.30am it has been snowing heavily although the snow feels very “wet” but is settling.  Treacle is in seventh heaven as she loves the snow, as you can see from the picture at the top of the blog!

I will be happy when the Boys are home from school and DH home from work, then I can relax and enjoy the snow! 

I hope you have a merry Monday wherever you are.

Susie x


Yes Treacle I know you love the snow but have to get dried when you come in!

Some Quilting Before Christmas!


Carol’s Birthday Present!

It was The Boys’ Godmother’s Birthday at the beginning of November and for the last eighteen months she has been having her kitchen extended!  The extension went up quickly and the outer work was done, but you know what its like, all the internal things have taken ages!!!

Christmas was looming so all hands on deck to get everything finished before the 25th and they just made it.  Well the kitchen was fitted and the appliances in!!! 

So for her Birthday I made her a table runner which will either go on her table when it is all finished or on the breakfast bar.

I managed to get it finished, but it was a couple of days after her Birthday but she didn’t mind and she loved it. 


I made log cabin blocks and then put a cream border round and then bound it in the yellow material which has coffee beans on.  They love coffee!  I was really pleased how it turned out.

Today is a jobs in the house day, changing the beds and towels and tonight is Swimming Club so no quilting tonight, but I have done some!  I will show you what I have done at the weekend.

Have a thrilling Thursday

Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!


Happy New Year!

Yes Mom and I are now back!  What do you think of our new Blog?  Great isn’t it?

I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  The whole family were off for the whole two weeks and although the weather was not good, we still had fun.

As you can see from the picture above this was one of my Christmas presents, a new football.  My old one, which was outside, had become rather dilapidated so Santa brought me a new one.  I managed to pop it straight away so now it looks better than ever!!!


I also wore my Santa hat all day, it did keep my ear warm.  Although Mom said I needed one for the other ear!!!!

Everyone is now back at school and work so I am now catching up on my sleep.  It was so busy over the last two weeks that I really am very tired. Mom is busy at her desk working so I am tucked up in my basket beside her catching some zzzzzzz.


Have a wonderful Wednesday, Woof!


Animal Paw Print

Catchup 2 !!!


Some of our Swimmers at Presentation Night 2012

Another catchup!

on December 21st we had our Swimming Club’s Presentation Night.  This is where we present all the trophies to the children who have won trophies and medals at the two Championships we run during November. 

Also present was Molly Renshaw, our Olympic hopeful, who had come along to see the youngsters and see us all.

Eldest is staying as Club Captain for the coming year and we have a new Captain for the Girls, Rachel and two new Vice Captains


The Captains and Vice Captains getting their shirts.

Eldest and Youngest got some trophies and medals as well


Eldest receiving one of his Trophies from our Life President Mr Frank Mansey


Youngest with one of his medals.

The evening went very well with a buffet and disco and the children all had a great time.  Swimming had finished on the previous day, so they didn’t have to get up the next morning for the 8.00am session!!!!

I didn’t quilt last night but I was sewing!  Youngest was back at Scouts last night and I realised he had two badge on from last year which needed to be removed and put on his camp blanket.  I also had four badges to sew on the blanket as well.  I then had to take him to Scouts as DH was at the swimming club meeting. 

Saturday Youngest is at the Scout’s Chili Challenge, this is where they camp out under canvas for a night!  Last year it was snowing but this year it is forecast to be just cold, so he will definitely needs his blanket.   I always think they should have chili and rice for dinner but they usually have fish and chips!!!!

I also had to repair Youngest’s bag for school!!!!  So I did do some sewing, just not what I had intended!!!!!

Happy Tuesday.

Susie x