The Wednesday Wag!


Good Morning!

Well it has been a busy week here at Quilt Creations, Mom’s new Blog.

She has been busy quilting some blocks for Eldest’s quilt, but yesterday she went to the dentist and had her tooth a root canal, which sounds dreadful.  From the look on her face when she got home and the fact she went straight to bed, I think it hurt.  I, of course, spent the rest of the day on the bed helping her get over it!


Don’t worry Mom it will be all better soon!

I didn’t like it when I went to my Doctors and they did my teeth!  I spent the rest of the day when I got home licking my teeth as they had put something on them to help with the cleaning!

It has been snowing all day today again, but the weather man had said it would be fine!  Go figure.  But I don’t mind as it is great fun to play in the snow, although I do get ice balls in between my toes which I don’t like!

Tomorrow we are doing house jobs and Mom has to go to Nottingham on Friday and then get some work done.  What was planned for the weekend has been cancelled due to the weather, so I have all of them at home for the entire weekend, yeah!!!!!!

Have a Wonderful Woofy Wednesday.


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