Monday Madness!


This is what our garden looks like!


Lots and lots of snow!

Today has been Monday Madness.  The Schools are open and the main roads are not too bad but the side roads are dreadful!  The Boys were not happy when they heard that school would be open and I set off three quarters of an hour earlier and got them there in plenty of time but the journey home took half an hour longer!  I now have to do the reverse trip an hour earlier than normal, as they are closing earlier because the journeys home will be longer!

Of course there have been the usual bumps and prangs where people have been going too fast for the conditions and what I couldn’t believe this morning, when it was still quite dark, people didn’t have their car headlights on!

It is still snowing at the moment, although it is very fine, it is settling well and it is forecast to do this all night, so tomorrow should be interesting too!  DH has had to go South today to visit a customer and again the motorways are fine just the side roads.  All events tonight have been cancelled, so Scouts for Youngest and Quilt Club for me but I am not too worried in this weather.  If you don’t have to go out then why go out?

When I was driving around earlier they were talking about the 1963 Big Freeze on the radio.  It was so bad that year that the sea froze for up to one mile from shore in Kent, there were 18 inches of snow in Staffordshire and temperatures dipped to -19.4°C in Sunderland! The River Thames did not freeze, like in the past with the Frost Fairs, as a bridge had been removed to aid the flow of the water and the two power stations now fully operating kept the water warm.

The Frost Fair of 1814.

So I am now back at home getting some work done and then I will be off to brave the Arctic conditions once again!!!!!!


Even Treacle is cold having spent a long time playing in the snow!

Having a Marvelous Monday

Susie x

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