Snow Day ?

Yes it is a snow day but not for The Boys!!!  The school has opened!  We had a call yesterday from School to say that the exam would be on regardless what the rest of the school was doing so Eldest was going anyway, but the snow which was forecast to be really bad, was not so bad! Youngest is not pleased, especially as his first lesson is PE and he is doing cross country running!  I have made him take a towel for when he gets back soaked!!!!

We have a business meeting this morning, the Bank! Then I am off to do the grocery shopping so I have everything for the weekend before tomorrow.  They are still forecasting snow all day today, tomorrow, Monday and now Tuesday so it could be up to the windows by then!!!!

I hope you have a fantastic Friday wherever you are and I will be quilting this weekend, I will, I will!!!!!!

Susie x

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