It Never Rains But It Pours!

You know on New Years Eve when you are celebrating the start of a New Year and you think it can’t be worse than the one just gone?

Well it Can!!!!

Not only do I have a sinus infection I also have an abscess on a tooth on the same side as the sinus problems!!  SO I am currently taking antibiotics for the infection and penicillin for the tooth and then, joy of joys, I have to go in on Tuesday to have a root canal done on the tooth!!

As you can imagine I am not a happy otter at the moment!!! 

Tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday and Monday it is due to snow here and on Saturday our Swimming Club is hosting our 40th Anniversary Gala, where there are hundreds of people coming from all over the country!  Well hopefully they will be if the snow doesn’t stop them.  We are also at Matlock’s swimming pool, The Arc, which is heading into The Peak District where the snow is usually worse!  So please keep your fingers and toes crossed for us.

Today is house jobs day and I need to catch up on some work too, which I have missed over the last two days because of my trials and tribulations!  Eldest has an important exam tomorrow too so it is all happening. 

Saturday evening DH and I are going to two friends Birthday celebrations as they are both sixty this year!  Hopefully my face will be feeling like smiling by then, this is after spending twelve hours at the swimming pool!

Sunday I am hoping to do some quilting on Eldest’s quilt!!!!!!!!!!  I have also signed up for Madame Samm’s Blog Hop in February, more details to follow.

Treacle is happy, the Australian Open has been on all week and she is watching the tennis balls, not the tennis, just the balls!!!!!

Have a Thrilling Thursday

Susie  & Treacle xx

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