This was taken ten minutes ago!!!

No, no quilting was done over the weekend due to me suffering from a sinus infection down the left side!!!!!!  I hate going to the Doctors but the pain was so bad during the night, insert no sleep here!!!! I got an appointment for this morning.  The Doctor has given me a course of antibiotics with the instructions of keeping warm, lots of warm baths with plenty of steam and if it hasn’t gone in a week to return!!!

I hate being ill and I hate going to the Doctors but I had to!

We woke this morning to a covering of snow and then since about 9.30am it has been snowing heavily although the snow feels very “wet” but is settling.  Treacle is in seventh heaven as she loves the snow, as you can see from the picture at the top of the blog!

I will be happy when the Boys are home from school and DH home from work, then I can relax and enjoy the snow! 

I hope you have a merry Monday wherever you are.

Susie x


Yes Treacle I know you love the snow but have to get dried when you come in!

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