The Wednesday Wag!


Happy New Year!

Yes Mom and I are now back!  What do you think of our new Blog?  Great isn’t it?

I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  The whole family were off for the whole two weeks and although the weather was not good, we still had fun.

As you can see from the picture above this was one of my Christmas presents, a new football.  My old one, which was outside, had become rather dilapidated so Santa brought me a new one.  I managed to pop it straight away so now it looks better than ever!!!


I also wore my Santa hat all day, it did keep my ear warm.  Although Mom said I needed one for the other ear!!!!

Everyone is now back at school and work so I am now catching up on my sleep.  It was so busy over the last two weeks that I really am very tired. Mom is busy at her desk working so I am tucked up in my basket beside her catching some zzzzzzz.


Have a wonderful Wednesday, Woof!


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