Remember This ?


This is Eldest with his car whilst he was learning to drive.

On December 3rd Eldest took his driving section of his Test and Passed!!!!!!!  

So I now have another thing to worry about, Eldest out on the roads.  He is a good driver, don’t get me wrong, but he is now out there with everyone else on the road!!!!

Do you remember when they are first born and you worry about everything?  When they are crying all night, having been fed, changed and cuddled and you still don’t know what they want?! Then when they are asleep you have to poke them to make sure they are breathing?!

When they first go off to school and they are out there with all these other children who you think are just not right? 

When they get their first Girlfriend/Boyfriend and you worry about what is going off?

Well I can honestly say watching Eldest go off for the first time on his own, having just passed his test, is by far the worst out of all the above and many more things when they are small and under your watchful eye.

On Saturday I saw a couple with which was obviously their first baby, not very old.  I said to DH do you remember when the Boys were like that and then do you remember how difficult we thought it was then?  Wait until that baby is 17!  Babyhood is nothing compared to now!!!!!!

My First New Year Resolution is:

To Quilt Something Everyday!!!!!

This means Eldest’s quilt blocks.  It is quite a large block and I have cut it out and put all the pieces for one block into ziploc bags.  There are a lot of bags but my aim is to get a bag out each day and sew it.  That is my pledge!  Hopefully then leaving weekends to do some other quilting.  


This is the block

So check in with me later in the week and see if I have managed to fulfill this Resolution!!!!!!

Susie x

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