Catchup !

ImageTreacle helping open the presents!!!!

On December 2nd Youngest became a teenager!!!!!  Oh my!  I now have two of them in the house!!!  Although Eldest at 17 is starting to be a little more human!!!!  

As we always seem to have an issue with the weather around Youngest’s Birthday, two years ago heavy snow and then frozen snow, this year it was heavy frosts!!!  He had asked for two friends from school to come round for a sleepover and a visit to the cinema with a pizza dinner, which we did.  They had a great evening and we went to see the new Bond movie, Skyfall.  Great fill, we all enjoyed it.

This year his Birthday fell on a Sunday which was good, as quite often he is at school. Whereas Eldest, whose Birthday is in August, is always on holiday (no it does not go down well!!!!).  After his friends had gone home, and on his Birthday, we had to put the Christmas decorations up!  It has become quite a tradition now, if not a rush!!!!


Not perfect but they loved it!

On the Saturday evening we also went to a friend’s 50th Birthday celebrations, a BBQ, outside, in December!  Yes we were cold but it was fun!!!!!!


Youngest and friends with his cake!!!!

Youngest is now looking forward to all the things he can now do as a teenager (not sure what he thinks they are, but hey ho!!!!)

Must dash as we have friends coming for dinner tonight and I haven’t prepared anything yet!!!!!

Susie xx

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  1. Deb Anderson Weaver

    Found you through the Find a Friend Friday at Sew Many Ways! Winter birthdays are always hard (my youngest, 18, has his birthday two days before Christmas). Happy 2013!

    Deb Weaver

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