Friday January 4th !


Our Christmas Tree

Well it’s now January 4th and already January has filled up in my diary!!!!  A good friend asked if I had made any New Year Resolutions and I haven’t. I make them every year and then by the end of January I have either forgotten them or there was no way I was going to accomplish it.

This year I have decided to keep a diary, handwritten no less, and go with a weekly, one resolution only, and try and make sure that I achieve it!!!!!  Well that’s the plan.  I will let you know at the end of January if I have succeeded!!!!

This weekend we have friends coming for dinner tomorrow night, who we haven’t seen since before Christmas.  Then Sunday is going to be take the decorations down and clean, so we start a clean slate for Monday, when the Boys are back at school.

I hate taking the decorations down, I hate how the house looks when they are down.  I love Christmas, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!  I hate January, it always reminds me of Monday mornings!!!!!!  Although because things have been difficult in 2012, I did put up multi coloured lights early in our den (the office) and I think I am going to leave them up!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  Next week I will show you some of the things we have been up to from my last post on the old site and now.

Susie x


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