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Busy, Busy, Busy.

Eldest’s Girlfriend at her 18th Birthday Party


We all had a wonderful weekend and are just getting back to normal!
Thursday evening we went to Goose Fair, straight from School.  The weather was a real autumn evening, cold and frosty and the lights of the fair looked wonderful.  You know how I have been having problems with technology recently, well its happened again!  I can’t get the pictures I took off my phone and on to the computer, the two devices won’t talk to each other!!!!!!!  I will have to let you see the pictures when I get it sorted!
Friday was another busy day and Eldest’s Girlfriend’s 18th Birthday!  We went round in the evening and took presents and had a look at the Marquee in the garden for the Party on Saturday.  She had been at school all day but had had a few free periods so it wasn’t too bad a way to spend your 18th!
Saturday we were all up bright and early for swimming and DH and They Boys went off to help set things up for the evening.  I had several errands to run which I hadn’t got done the day before.  Again the weather was kind and was sunny during the day and turned cold and frosty for the evening.
We all had a great time and Girlfriend really enjoyed it.  Here are a few pictures taken on the night.


Eldest and Girlfriend dancing.


Everyone is always in the kitchen at parties – especially for the cake!


The dance floor.


The bar in the marquee


DH and Youngest DJ’ing


The Cake


The smoke machine worked well!!!
We didn’t get home until 2.00am and very tired.  Eldest stayed overnight with a few others and slept in the tent in the garden, which was very cold!!!
DH and I were up early again next day as Youngest was at the local Scout camp grounds for the annual Rampage competition.  This is where all the local Scout groups get together and compete against each other in different events such as fire lighting, abseiling, shooting etc.  He had a great day, but on top of the late evening he was tired but still went swimming for two hours that evening!  I had a huge basket of ironing which needed to be done as well as all the clothes from the weekend!
Yesterday saw Eldest take his theory part of the driving exam and passed with flying colours, just the practical to go now!  DH flew off to Spain for three days on business and I was left with the clear up from the weekend!!!!  Last night Scouts were at the local Fire Station for a talk and visit around the station and thankfully it was an early start, but also an early finish so we were home by 8.00pm.  Girlfriend came round for dinner and again left early so by 9.30pm we were all in bed!!!!!
Today I am finishing off some work and have had some good news that the part my car has been waiting for has finally arrived; only five weeks late.  They are hoping to fit it today, so I should be able to get my car back – FINALLY!!!!!!
Quilting you ask?  Yes well I will get some done soon.  In fact I will have to as I have to make a gift for my friend, whose birthday is at the beginning of November, some Christmas presents to be made and the Wicked Blog Hop block to try and sort out!!!  As well as more work on the blocks for Eldest’s quilt!
Oh my!!!!
Have a terrific Tuesday.
Here is Treacle, she is never worried about anything; LOL
Susie x

That Time of Year Again


Nottingham Goose Fair
Yes it is that time of year again and I cannot believe that a year has gone by and it is Goose Fair time again!!!!!
This is where DH and I went on our first date !!!!!!!  We did go for a meal afterwards too!  But it is a tradition if you were born in Nottingham to go to the Fair.  We are going tonight, well I am going with The Boys and Girlfriend and DH has a meeting so is hoping to get there afterwards (which in husband code means he will meet us at the restaurant afterwards!!!!) 
I am picking the children up straight from school, to come home get changed and head off and hopefully we won’t be too late back as it is school tomorrow.  We normally go on a Friday evening after school, but tomorrow is Girlfriend’s 18th Birthday so they are off for a meal and then Saturday is Party night, so will have pictures after that.
I will get some quilting done soon (well I keep telling myself that!!!!)
DH has had a cold all week and guess what?  I have it now!  You know when you said to share everything in your wedding vows, well I want to go back and add an amendment; NOT COLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a thrilling Thursday.  I am doing house jobs this morning, then grocery shopping, then some work and I also have to make around 75 cookies for Saturday as well.  Just a quiet day you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Susie x

Good Grief, Charlie Brown!!!

Treacle at the top of the stairs after the Boys had gone to school!  Don’t worry they will be back later!


Yes it has been another one of those weeks!  I can’t believe it is a week and I have not blogged anything!
I was so glad to turn the calendar on Monday to October, because September was just awful!  
I still haven’t got my car back!  The two parts they have ordered from The States are stuck in customs (I think it is because the part is electronic and could look like a detonator) and there is no word on them being released.  My garage have been great and have now spoken to Chrysler direct and they are sending another part direct!  Hopefully, fingers crossed, I may have my car back by the end of the week.
I still have not managed to get the new hosting site sorted for my blog, computers!!!!!!
We have issues with work at the moment, which I won’t bore you with but oh boy!!
I sat down at the weekend to work out my quilt block for the Wicked Blog Hop and despite designing it carefully and having clear written instructions of how to cut it out, it went wrong! Then I didn’t get any other quilting done either because of trying to sort this mess out!!!!
I thought I had cut them out correctly!!!!


I think the Karmic world definitely has something against me.  However talking to some friends, they seem to have had as bad a September as I have, so I think there is something going off.
I really hope October will not follow the same pattern.
Susie x