The Wednesday Wag

I Got Wet This Morning
Today did not start well!  It was heavy rain and when I went out for my first early morning meander through the garden I was soaked!!!!

My towel was nice and warm though as Mom had put it on the radiator for me.  I hate days like this.  I know that my paws are going to be wet all day!!

As you can see my paws are looking fine at the moment.  I had a brush which took rather a long time as I need to have my hair cut.  We can go to the hairdressers now that Mom has got her car back.
Life around here is getting very busy, Mom is either working or at her desk sewing.   The Boys are busy with school work, but they are off soon for a weeks holiday which will be great and Dad is out constantly at work!
I don’t mind so long as I get my breakfast, my walk and lots of loving, which I get in abundance!!!!!!!
I am just waiting now for my Halloween costume to be finished which Mom is doing.
I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

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