Friday, Again?!!!!!!

I have been wondering whether not getting any quilting done is because I am lazy!  Then I started to think about what I have done this week :
Saturday – Party for Girlfriend.  Got up at 6.00am for swimming, ran errands, made lunch, got to the party, helped with food and DJ and got home at 2.00am.
Sunday – Up at 6.00am made lunch for Youngest for Scout competition day, basket full of ironing (bed clothes, towels, clothes one weeks worth!!) made dinner, cleared up, everything finished for start of Monday.  DH packed for trip, bed 11.00pm
Monday – Up at 6.00am breakfast and lunches done, Boys off to school.  Work all day, ransack Eldest’s room for all the clothes in various bags, drawers and chair for washing, iron it all and put it away.  Make dinner as we have to be out at Scouts early for visit to Fire Station.  Home by 8.00pm  help with homework, get ready for Tuesday.  Bed by 11.00am.
Tuesday – Up at 6.00am breakfast and lunches made, Boys off to school.  Work.  Make Dinner, out for swimming at 6.30pm.  Home at 9.30pm finish off help with homework, get ready for next day bed by 11.00pm.
Wednesday – Up at 6.00am breakfast and lunches made, Boys off to school.  Work.  Call from Eldest as he has forgotten two cheques needed for school.   Drive to school with cheques.  Go to the Farm Shop for meat and vegetables.  Stock Freezer with meat ready for winter.  Home.  Sort out the 90 invitations we have for the swimming club small pool party in November.  Write Christmas lists.  Sort Christmas card lists.  Walk Treacle.  Grocery shopping list. Blog write.  Sort Pictures on computer. DH gets back from trip.  Bed 12.00 Midnight
Thursday – House jobs, work, sort Eldest’s car out.  Sort dinner.  Pick Eldest up from school and take him to the gym before swimming.  Drive back pick Youngest up at school from Drama Club, bring home get dinner, take him swimming.  Grab my dinner back at swimming for 6.45pm.  Sort out things with other people on the swimming Committee, just been re-validated for our Swim 21 Standard, one year’s work which I do as well.  Home by 10.00pm bed by 11.00pm.

Friday – DH at the dentist, collect trophies for swimming club championships, collect my car (yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), grocery shopping, work, collect Boys from school, make dinner for all of us and Girlfriend.  QUILTING   – Yes you read that correctly I am going to quilt this evening!!!!!

This is Anne Sutton’s Quilt Room of Bunny Hill Designs  I would love a quilting room like this!

When I look back at what I have done, I don’t think I am lazy, just busy!  When you tell people you work from home they get this funny look in their eye and go “oh yes, work from home!!!!”  I think they think that it is just an excuse and I spend all my day laying around on the sofa and watching TV. If they only knew!!!!!!

So I will be quilting tonight and I will post pictures as I go, hopefully.  So long as DH, Boys and Girlfriend don’t come up with an alternative plan in the meantime!!!!!
Have a Fantastic Friday everyone
Susie x


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