The Wednesday Wag

Life round here has been more chaotic than usual and Mom has been rushing around.
I, of course, have been taking it in my stride and love it when the house is empty as I get to sleep on the beds and generally have the run of the place!!!!
Halloween is coming up and I am deciding on what costume I will be dressing in this year.  There are so many choices out there for us dogs and cats now, that it really is hard to decide.  The new Martha Stewart line for Petsmart is something and I love this Halloween collar and these Halloween bow ties
Martha Stewart Pets™ Halloween Collar - PetSmart                  Martha Stewart Pets™ Halloween Bows for Dogs - PetSmart Don’t you think they will look good on me?
Mom has decided that she should make something for me and has been trying bits of material on me from her Wicked Blog Hop Block, which she is supposed to be doing (she is not getting on very fast!!!!!).

I don’t think orange is my colour really!

I am more a red/brown/russet colour, especially as I am Autumn colours myself.  I also need a trip to the Hairdressers, but Mom says I can’t go until her car comes back from the garage!  I really don’t know what all the fuss is about, I am just a bit curly at the moment!

Anyway Mom has to go to school this morning as Eldest has forgotten two cheques he needs for school and then I get to go for my walk.  Children who would have them?!!! Parents apparently!!!!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday, woof!


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