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My Grandma!

My Grandma at Disneyland in 1981

On August 24th my Grandmother (on my Mom’s side) would have been 110 Years Young!
Grandma is the one who taught me to sew, cook and keep house and looked after me whilst my Mom went to work. My Mom went back to work when I started school at the age of five and every holiday I spent with my  Grandma and Grandpa at their house, near where we lived, or at their holiday home in Skegness!  
When I was five my Great Grandmother also lived with my Grandparents and I got to spend some time with her too.   
My Grandma in 1926
My Grandma was born in Wales in 1902 and her sister was born two years later.  Her father was a Blacksmith and mother stayed at home looking after the girls.  Her Dad moved around the country with his Blacksmith job and eventually settled in Nottingham where they put down roots.  When the Girls were grown up and married her mother bought a shop, selling sweets, newspapers and general groceries, she ran this until she retired at the age of 68!
Grandma also had her own shop, but only selling sweets!  Grandpa was born in Lancashire in 1897 and was the eldest of three, he had two sisters.  His family moved to Nottingham in the early 1920’s when he met Grandma and as they say, the rest is history. They married in May 1929 and my Mom arrived in October 1929!!!!!!
My Grandparents on holiday in 1954
Grandpa was a civil engineer and worked in and around Nottingham all his life but Grandma gave up her shop when she was 50 and became a Housewife.  She was 62 when I arrived on the scene and was a real Grandma.  We had so much fun during the holidays with me helping out cleaning the silver and brass items, helping clean the house.  
She taught me how to bake and did a very good job as everyone likes the cakes I make.  She always said you could either bake or make bread but not both and in our home it was true.  Grandma could bake but not make bread, my Mom could make bread but not bake and I can bake but not make bread (I have a breadmaker now, so cheat!!!!).
Grandma also taught me to sew, embroider, crochet and knit.  I am much better at sewing and embroidery than I am at crochet and knitting (too many holes in them!!!!).
 We also used to spend weekends together as a family.  The summer would be spent in the garden or going out for walks with the dogs and in the winter months after dinner on a Saturday we would spend the afternoon playing board games.   One day stands out in particular, I must have been about 7 or 8 and they got Monopoly out.  My Grandma had a sitting room off the kitchen and it was always warm and cosy and this particular Saturday was cold and rainy.  We set the board up and played all afternoon and it was great fun. We then sat around the fire in the evening having supper.  
I also used to help Grandpa in the garden, which was his pride and joy.  When I learnt how to do cartwheels I was not allowed to do them on his grass as I made a mess!!!!  At the bottom of his garden he had his vegetable patch, which fascinated me as it had no paths.  One side there were three apple trees, and a greenhouse and the rest was a vast area of soil for the veg.  During the War he had built an Anderson Shelter there for the family.  He taught me how to plant and look after the veg and the garden.  He also taught me how to look after the car, checking the air in the tyres and washing it and checking the oil!
My Grandpa died at the age of 80 and I was 13.  My Grandma carried on and in fact outlived my Mom and died at the age of 86 when I was 24.  She was the last of my family and I miss her and them all the time. 
When I think of all the history she saw during her lifetime and the advances of mankind, it was an amazing journey and I hope that they know how much I miss them and are proud of what I have done with my life and my family.
I hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday and happy Quilting.
Susie x

Finally Caught Up!

I have finally caught up on reading the Blogs I follow!  Phew!  I don’t seem to have got my head around blogging again since getting back from Vacation! Either I forget to blog something or I realise I haven’t read any of the blogs.  I will get back into the swing of things probably just before the next holiday with the Boys!!!!!

I have also caught up on the TV programmes I had recorded whilst away.  Which is a good job as some of my favourite shows are back for the Autumn, including Masterchef Australia and you know how much I love that show!  It started last night with a special two hour show and it was great! Now I just need “Bones” to be back and I will be okay for TV watching during those dark Autumn days!!!!!

Susie x

Monday Morning Mayhem!

This is what this Monday morning felt like, peaceful as we start the road to the Weekend.
Normally Monday is a day of peace and quiet after an hectic weekend.  
This weekend saw us with Girlfriend round on Friday evening and a family BBQ as the weather has been so nice.  Saturday we were at the Produce Show in the Village and I was helping out with the tea and cakes.  I had gone downstairs to ask the Stewards for their drinks orders and came back to find what seemed like hundreds of people looking at the entries!  I didn’t even get to take any pictures, they all appeared as from nowhere! 
It was a great success and at 5.00pm it was finished and we had cleared up but it was a whirlwind of activity!  Saturday evening was a swimming meet and DH and Eldest went.  Sunday we spent doing all the jobs we didn’t do Saturday.
Bradley Wiggins won The Tour De France 2012
So back to Monday morning; DH off to work, Boys off to school and Treacle and I ready for the day!  What’s this?  The Tour of Britain Cycle Race 2012 will be coming through the village at 10.50am?  Bradley Wiggins will be racing (Winner of this year’s Tour de France and Olympic Gold).  Off we went to stand at the corner where they will race round.  The Village School had got the young children out to watch and the older children had walked to the park to see them go past.  The Race was then proceeding to go past the Senior School, where the Boys are, for a sprint stage.
This was about the tenth Police Motor Bike

One of the Officials Cars

This is part of the Sky Team and we think Bradley Wiggins!

And The Rest

Tail End Charlies!!!!!

And All the Support Cars.
 So in a flash it was all over!  Too much excitement for a Monday morning really.  I am now home and need to do all the work I should have done this morning!!!!!

Have a Great Monday and happy Quilting.

Susie x


Thursday Things!

My Think Christmas small Quilt finally completed.

I added the binding in the same fabric as the house block.
This was my other finish from our vacation, the binding on my Think Christmas small quilt.  Our competition for Quilt Club this year is an embellished item, so I thought I might do some embellishments on this for my entry.
The first day of School is over and the Boys got on well.  I went to the exhibition at Kedleston Hall but we were not allowed to take pictures (!)  It is a National Trust property and they can be funny about pictures being taken. 
The exhibition was by ladies who had taken inspiration from different parts of the Hall for their work and every piece was very different.  The two quilts were in the main entrance to the Hall and they were stunning and it is such a shame I can’t show you.  
The trip in the afternoon filled my first day without the Boys nicely and as Wednesday is the only evening we don’t do an after school activity, it was nice to sit down to family dinner in the evening.
My car is still poorly and is now waiting for a piece to arrive from the US!  This won’t be here for about another week and then they have to fit it!  I love my car (!) I want my car back!!!!! Oh well.
Today is a home day, as in I have to do house jobs and then some work.  Tonight is our Swimming Club evening where I am for three hours (!) and tomorrow I have to go grocery shopping as well as making two cakes for the Village Produce Show on Saturday.  This is the Village competition for people who have grown things, made things and created things.  I am putting in my American Quilt for the sewing section.  I have not managed to make any jam this year because of everything which has happened, oh well. 
Saturday night is a swimming gala and Eldest is taking part, Sunday more house jobs!  I will get quilting eventually!!!!!
I have signed by to be Very Wicked in a few weeks time so have a look at which I have been up to (now where is my Halloween fabric, must get on with it!!!!)  There will also be a Giveaway, something spooky.
Hope you have a Thrilling Thursday and happy Quilting.
Susie x

Don’t Like Today!

Sad Treacle, The Boys aren’t at home!!!!

Treacle and I are sad today!  The Boys went back to school after the summer break and it does not seem five minutes since they broke up for the holidays!
I hate it when they go back to school!
This last week has been a whirl of sorting things out for back to school and Eldest, now he has turned seventeen and taking driving lessons, sorting out a car for him.  This was not to bad as we found a little Volkswagen Polo at the local dealership, we sorted out the details and picked the car up on Friday last!  Good job as my car decided it needed to go to the car hospital on the same day so at least I still have a car, Eldest’s!!!!  He is not too happy but at least I am still mobile!!!!
Why are these things sent to try us?
Over the weekend Youngest was at Scout Camp sailing and other water things.  He had the best time ever and the weather was great, although everything he took with him came back wet and damp.  So everything has been washed including his sleeping bag!!!!!
Trent Lock Scout Activity Centre
The Scout Camp – it is on an island off the shore at Trent Lock
Today I have a few jobs to do this morning and at lunch I am going out with a friend for lunch and to see an Exhibition of needlework, including quilting, at Kedleston Hall which is not too far from where I live.  I will hopefully have some pictures later.
I hope everyone has had a lovely summer and are now getting ready for all the things that autumn brings.
Happy Quilting
Susie x