I Have A Sore Head!!!!!

No I haven’t lost the plot yet but am losing the will to live, trying to sort out a new host for my blog!!!!!
As you know trying to upgrade this one so I can load as many pictures as I want has not happened and I cannot contact anyone at Google to sort it out!!!
DH, who knows all things computer and is not only an Engineer he also can write computer code, is trying to build a new blog on WordPress, which even he says is not easy!!!!  
With all this going off we are extremely busy with work and some problems which are happening there too and then trying to sort The Boys out as well, I really don’t know if I am coming or going at the moment!!!!
Quilting seems to have got lost in the mix somewhere and I need to get sorting as we now have the Schedule for the Wicked Blog Hop, hosted by Wicked Wendy and I am on the First Day!!!!!! Oh my
It all begins on Monday October 22nd and ends, of course, on Wednesday October 31st, Halloween!!!!!
Here is the Schedule for the Monday :
Monday, October 22nd
Don’t forget to stop by and see all the clever ladies who are hosting an event.  I can’t wait.  There will also be a little Giveaway on my day too.  I have an idea of what to do and have all the material sitting on my desk waiting for me to play, now I just need to find some spare time.
I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday, today is normally The Wednesday Wag but Treacle has been under the weather recently (trips to the vets included in the rushing around!)  The vet thinks its the weather (!!!!!) which is not good here at the moment.  Only I could have a neurotic dog!!!!
Susie x  

2 thoughts on “I Have A Sore Head!!!!!

  1. Susan

    I have a dog that has panic attacks due to a bird in our yard. She is terrified of it's chirp! Hows that for neurotic? Love the pumpkin patch pic. Looking forward to the blog hop.

  2. Linda

    You sound like a busy mum with boys and a DH who need you! Not to forget about the neurotic dog! Last night our 10 week old puppy discovered the puppy in the window as he was looking out in the dark. He would bark and yip then run away to run back to see it the "other" pup was still there and repeat it all over!

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