Back To School!

Eldest in his Upper Sixth suit!

Youngest ready for Year 8

My Boys!

I know they have been back at school for two weeks now, but I found these photographs on my camera card when I was transferring them to the computer!!  Too much technology!!!
This will be the last year I can get this style of picture as it is Eldest’s last year at school!!!!  Next year, hopefully, he will be heading off to Uni.  
They only ever look like this on the first day!  After that the uniform seems to go down hill, until it is replaced for the start of the next year; LOL!
Got to go out today and run some errands and then get back and finish some work.  Treacle is in charge today, no doubt she will be on the computer later!
Have a Wicked Wednesday (We will all soon be Wicked in the new Blog Hop coming up soon.  Don’t miss it!!)
Susie x

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