Go Away Monday!!!

Planking: This white cat could be hardly noticed while sleeping stiff as a board across a camouflaging white sheet
Don’t you just love this picture?  Oh to be a cat and this relaxed!
How is your Monday?  So far mine has not gone as planned.  
I had to take Youngest to the Doctors this morning and despite our appointment time, the Doctor was running forty five minutes late!  Anyway he has managed to damage the tendon on the top of his right arm, so we have some anti-inflammatory cream and he has to rest it.  Which means no sport at school for two weeks and he can still go swimming but only do kick sets, ie just use his legs!  He only missed one lesson this morning so no too bad.
I am also having trouble with blogger.  I had noticed with a couple of other ladies who blog who have had the same problem when they have reached their free download limit.  This of course if for pictures.  I decided I was going to pay for the extra storage and keep everything else the same.  
I arranged it and paid Google with my credit card.  As it was such a small amount by credit card company called to see if was a transaction I had authorised.  I said yes and that this small amount would be going out every month and I knew about it so don’t block it! 
Last month, again, I had a note from Google to say my payment had been blocked by my credit card company and I needed to go in and authorise it again.  I called my card company and complained and they said that Google is always blocked and even though I said it was okay they would still automatically block it!!!!!  As you can imagine I had words with them.  I tried to have words with Google with no luck.  They won’t take one yearly payment and you can’t pay them any other way!
I am now looking into other ways of hosting my blog and will let you know in due course what is happening.  I hope that all my Followers and anyone who reads my blog will follow me wherever I go.  I hate it when everything is settled and then this makes it all change!
I hate change!  I want to be that cat!  We all know that the best bit about blogs is the pictures!!  Sorry for a moaning Monday.
The weekend was not too bad, although very busy and I am still hobbling about but the pain is starting to ease now.  I still don’t have my car!  The part was held up in Customs over here!!!!!  I think the Karmic worlds is against me at the moment.
At least it’s Quilt Group tonight, yeah.
Have a Happy Monday.
Susie x

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  1. Diane-crewe

    at times I could “HIT” someone at google!! Trouble is you can NEVER find them!! …half the time they seem to deny I exist as well! lol x all adds to lifes rich tapestry!! (GGRRRRRR) x

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