Is This a Quilting Blog?

This came from Shadywood Quilts website But I think it is so accurate!!!!
Yes, it’s supposed to be!!!  But there hasn’t been much quilting of late!  Everyday I have the best intentions of when I have finished my work and got the house and Boys sorted I will sit down and do the quilting, which is starting to pile up.
However, last night I fully intended to do the above and then with things happening; driving lesson, grocery shopping, homework, getting dinner, DH being late because of traffic jams, it was 8.45pm before everything was finished!
I looked at my sewing and decided I was too tired to even think about sitting down to do any.   
I have got up this morning with my right leg and back hurting and I think I may have trapped a nerve on that side whilst asleep last night!  I had trouble down the right hand side whilst I was expecting our Eldest and every so often this happens.  I can’t sit, lie or stand at the moment and if I do after ten minutes it hurts!  I don’t think there will be any quilting done for a bit 🙁
I have also, taking notice of Rule Number 1 above, just bought this new fabric
A lovely Layer Cake which I am going to make into a quilt with another one I have.

A bundle of Moda Fabric in Autumn colours and I love it.

A better picture of the stack.
I bought this from Crazyquiltgirl Fabric Shop (  Corinna Jones runs the online shop and also has a blog.   She has a great range of Moda Charm Squares, of which I can only get a few in the UK, and she also has an Ebay shop too.  She is really helpful and shipped my order the next day.  
I can’t wait to start creating with it but I think it will have to wait until I am feeling better!!!  Now where did I put the painkillers?!!!
Have a Thrilling Thursday and happy Quilting to those of you able to!

Susie x

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