The Wednesday Wag

Happy Wednesday everyone.  It has been very quiet around here since my Boys have gone back to that place called school.
On Monday after Mom had been to see the bikes come through the village, she and her friend came back for coffee and brought my good friends, Mac and Purdy with her.  I generally play with them when we are on our walks, but we got to play in the garden instead.
This is me looking out of the kitchen door windows at the two, yes two, squirrels running around in my garden!  I am not happy! However Mom won’t let me out to sort them out which is not fair!!!!!
I have also been in trouble this week as I managed to eat a whole pot of casserole which was de-frosting in the sink!  I managed it by standing on my hind legs and pulling up with my front paws.  It was lovely and had defrosted enough for me to eat it!  I was also in trouble last week as I managed to eat half a pound of butter as well!
Mom was not happy with me and I was put on half rations until my tummy had sorted it self out, which if finally did yesterday!!!!

(This Was Treacle over the last few days poorly sick – Mom)
So I have been confined to my basket for the last few days, while Mom has been working, hopefully I will soon be back in her good books!  Oh well, I just couldn’t help myself.  I now have a new name from the Boys; A meat/butter licker!!!!!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday.  

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