Monday Morning Mayhem!

This is what this Monday morning felt like, peaceful as we start the road to the Weekend.
Normally Monday is a day of peace and quiet after an hectic weekend.  
This weekend saw us with Girlfriend round on Friday evening and a family BBQ as the weather has been so nice.  Saturday we were at the Produce Show in the Village and I was helping out with the tea and cakes.  I had gone downstairs to ask the Stewards for their drinks orders and came back to find what seemed like hundreds of people looking at the entries!  I didn’t even get to take any pictures, they all appeared as from nowhere! 
It was a great success and at 5.00pm it was finished and we had cleared up but it was a whirlwind of activity!  Saturday evening was a swimming meet and DH and Eldest went.  Sunday we spent doing all the jobs we didn’t do Saturday.
Bradley Wiggins won The Tour De France 2012
So back to Monday morning; DH off to work, Boys off to school and Treacle and I ready for the day!  What’s this?  The Tour of Britain Cycle Race 2012 will be coming through the village at 10.50am?  Bradley Wiggins will be racing (Winner of this year’s Tour de France and Olympic Gold).  Off we went to stand at the corner where they will race round.  The Village School had got the young children out to watch and the older children had walked to the park to see them go past.  The Race was then proceeding to go past the Senior School, where the Boys are, for a sprint stage.
This was about the tenth Police Motor Bike

One of the Officials Cars

This is part of the Sky Team and we think Bradley Wiggins!

And The Rest

Tail End Charlies!!!!!

And All the Support Cars.
 So in a flash it was all over!  Too much excitement for a Monday morning really.  I am now home and need to do all the work I should have done this morning!!!!!

Have a Great Monday and happy Quilting.

Susie x


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