Don’t Like Today!

Sad Treacle, The Boys aren’t at home!!!!

Treacle and I are sad today!  The Boys went back to school after the summer break and it does not seem five minutes since they broke up for the holidays!
I hate it when they go back to school!
This last week has been a whirl of sorting things out for back to school and Eldest, now he has turned seventeen and taking driving lessons, sorting out a car for him.  This was not to bad as we found a little Volkswagen Polo at the local dealership, we sorted out the details and picked the car up on Friday last!  Good job as my car decided it needed to go to the car hospital on the same day so at least I still have a car, Eldest’s!!!!  He is not too happy but at least I am still mobile!!!!
Why are these things sent to try us?
Over the weekend Youngest was at Scout Camp sailing and other water things.  He had the best time ever and the weather was great, although everything he took with him came back wet and damp.  So everything has been washed including his sleeping bag!!!!!
Trent Lock Scout Activity Centre
The Scout Camp – it is on an island off the shore at Trent Lock
Today I have a few jobs to do this morning and at lunch I am going out with a friend for lunch and to see an Exhibition of needlework, including quilting, at Kedleston Hall which is not too far from where I live.  I will hopefully have some pictures later.
I hope everyone has had a lovely summer and are now getting ready for all the things that autumn brings.
Happy Quilting
Susie x

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