Wednesday Wag and Treacle Is Pleased!

Treacle’s Quilt
Treacle is so pleased with me as I finished her quilt whilst we were away!  That and one other thing is all I managed to get done, while we were away.
I shamlessly copied Cooper’s Quilt from Thelma’s Blog “Cupcakes ‘n Daisies.  I had seen Cooper’s Quilt on one of her posts about her living room and thought what a good idea and loved the way it looked.  I did ask her permission for me to copy it and show it here and she very graciously said yes!  Thanks Thelma!  She was also the first to see the completed quilt.
This is where Treacle always lies, as she can see into the kitchen, the den, sitting room and dining room  from here, our downstairs is open plan, and this has been her spot since we brought her home as a puppy!
This is her lying there as a puppy!
The applique is a pattern from Cindy at “Quilt Doodle Doodles” and is her dog, Wilson.  I thought it looked like Treacle so put it on the front.
This is the Back of Treacle’s Quilt

Of course it didn’t stay on the floor too long with Youngest around!

Yes, she loves her quilt!

You can go and get on with work now, I have my quilt!!!!
Right, onto the next thing now!
Happy Wednesday and Quilting
Susie x

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