We’re Back!!!!

The view from our Bedroom window the first morning we were there!
You know the feeling, mounds of washing, piles of mail, cupboards empty, yep we are back from Vacation!
We had a brilliant time and the weather was very kind, for The Highlands!  We spent the two weeks not doing much of everything, getting up when we wanted and eating when it suited, which was so nice not being ruled by clocks for the two weeks!!!
Needless to say I hardly got any quilting done (!) and so have lots to do now we are back, after getting back to normal now home.
Treacle was pleased to see us, although she does sulk when she comes home from the kennels, as she is allowed to get her own way whilst there!!!  
Work has piled up too but I will plough my way through it!
Whilst away we celebrated Eldest’s 17th Birthday and today he is on his first driving lesson!!  We all went out for dinner while away with our friends who live in Errogie to the Kincraig Castle Hotel, Ross-shire and had a lovely meal.
The front of the Castle
Eldest and Girlfriend before dinner.
Birthday Breakfast – the only day you can have chocolate cake for Breakfast!!!
I will post some more pictures when I have managed to sort through them!!!  I will also post pictures of the quilts I have finished.
I hope everyone is having a lovely summer.  Another job is to get everyone sorted this week for the Boys going back to school next.  I cannot believe that six weeks have almost gone and I hate it when the Boys go back to school as I really miss them!  Oh well Treacle it will be back to you and I on our own during the day!
Susie x

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