Missed It!

Pets on Quilts
In all the running around I have forgotten to add Treacle on her quilt for the Pets on Quilts competition going on over at Lily Pad Quilting (http://lilypadquilting.blogspot.co.uk/I love the pictures and stories, so Hop Over and see all of the entries and the prizes that can be won.
You can vote for your favourite and Padsworth will be keeping track. 
Never mind Treacle we will enter next year! 
Have you ever seen a three legged dog on the stairs?  Treacle sits on the stairs like this so she can see out of the dining room window on the road and who is going by!!  She does have four legs, the other one is tucked up behind her.
Must get on jobs to do!
Have a Thrilling Thursday.

Susie x

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