I Really Do Need 48 Hours in 24!!!!

It has been busy again and here is what Youngest and I have been up to! 
Friday last I had to go for a check up at the Hospital which sort of dented the day with the timing of it.  But I took him to my local quilt shop to get some fabric for his quilt, after I have finished Eldest’s!
This is what he chose :

He loves Camper Vans and I can see him having one when he is older.  My plan is to cut the camper van material then but the Union Flag material around it as a boarder and then join them all together with the red fabric.  I also found this which I will add in somewhere.

Saturday’s weather was forecast to be not too bad, so one of Youngest’s sticks for his trips out was a day trip to Skegness!  Now for everyone who does not know where Skegness is, it is on the East Coast about an hour and half away from where we live.  It really is the nearest sea to us.  When I was a little girl my Grandparents had a large static caravan there and I spent every holiday and summer down with them and my parents, so it holds fond memories for me.  

We took Eldest when he was younger but had never taken Youngest so off we set.  Fortunately the weather was not too bad and we did all the things I used to do when I was little.

Baby seals rescued from June and July.

This baby seal is well on the road to recovery

These will be leaving soon.
They have a seal sanctuary where they rescue ill or baby seals, get them better then release them back into the wild.  These are a few who were in when we went.  We then walked back along the front to the Pier.

It’s a joke that the sea is always out at Skegness but there is a lot of beach!

The deck chairs and donkeys a feature of the beach since I was little

The Boys had a go on a pedal boat
Sunday the weather was not so hot and I had suggested that the next wet day we would watch all the Harry Potter Films back to back.  What I didn’t realise was that all the films add up to almost nineteen hours of film!  So we began with Year 1 The Philosophers Stone and only managed to get to the end of The Prisoner of Azkaban!  We have decided to watch the rest on another wet day!!!

Monday saw Youngest and I at Shugborough Hall, with was the home of the Earls of Lichfield, but now belongs to The National Trust.  This is quite a small manor house but in fact was very cosy, with beautiful furnishings.  

The back of the house and gardens.

The old Stable Block
The formal Dining Room

One of several Drawing Rooms overlooking the gardens.

The private dining room of the family

The Library

The Games Room

Youngest on the steps.

The old Kitchen
 We had a great day, even though the weather was mixed.
Tuesday saw Youngest and I heading for the Nottingham Tennis Centre, where I used to spend all of my summer holiday playing tennis, or swimming in the lido across the road.
The Nottingham Tennis Centre
It didn’t look like this when I played there, it was just lots of hard courts and grass courts.  There were also several clay courts across the city, so we were able to play on all surfaces. We had a great hours game and even beat the rain!
Photograph courtesy of Nottinghamshire Local Studies Library
The Highfields Lido in Nottingham
Unfortunately this no longer exists.  It was very near to the Nottingham University and unfortunately one year, a drunken student celebrating the end of exams climbed over the wall one night and drowned.  The lido was immediately closed and very quickly filled in and is now an art centre!  It was a great loss to the City of Nottingham being one of the last lidos and I can honestly say that on a warm summers day, there was no where better than to swim and sunbathe there!

Today has been a catch up day for work and Eldest is now home!!  Looking extremely well and a little tanned having had a fortnight of excellent weather and the use of their own pool for the two weeks at the villa.  It’s great to have him home and I know his brother is glad.

Tomorrow is a catch up home day and Friday will be a frantic packing day for our two week vacation and I cannot wait!  I may even get some quilting done.

Susie x


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