Busy Days

Chatsworth House Having had a cleaning


Youngest and Treacle in front of the House


Treacle trying to catch dinner!


Come on Run!!!!!
Youngest and I took Treacle to Chatsworth House for a walk on Monday!  The weather was mixed and quite showery but we decided to go for it and fortunately we stayed dry.  We walked along the river which runs in front of the house and then back in front of the house to the car.  Treacle loved it by the river although she was very interested in the Ducks, I think she was trying to catch her dinner!!!!
After three hours they had both had enough so we headed home!
Tuesday dawned with heavy rain which stopped us doing anything outside, so Youngest persuaded me to head to Nottingham again so he could get his brother his Birthday present and then we could go to the cinema (that’s what rainy days are for!!! or so he said!)
The Amazing Spiderman
This is what we went to see.  I was very brave going to see this as I absolutely hate spiders and the one scene where there are spiders in it, I was just about crawling out of my seat!  But I hung on!  It was really good and I enjoyed it more than the other ones, so it got 10 out of 10 from me!
We then had supper at TGI Fridays on the basis that Wednesday I needed to catch up on some business work and Youngest was very good and said that that was okay (I think he was tired too!)
Wednesday I spent the day catching up on work and getting things ready for the end of the month and got it all done.
House work today!!! I always look like this when I am doing housework!
Today was a home day and getting things done at home and Youngest was a great help.  I am very good at multi-tasking!!!!!
Tomorrow we are out and about and I have to go to the Hospital in the afternoon for a check-up but that should be only an hour.
I have been blog hopping with the Think Christmas ladies and I am collecting blocks to make like mad!  I have just watched Michael Phelps win Gold for 200 IM, what an amazing swim.  Our GB Team are doing well with Gold and Silvers all over the place.  I think all the athletes are doing well.  Watching the Tennis of course and Federer has got through, yeah!
Trying also to get my quilt finished so I can enter the Pets on Quilts!  Hope you all have had a lovely few days.  Happy Quilting.
Susie x

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  1. Linda

    It must be just gorgeous where you live! I love the scene of your son and Treacle near the water. How sweet!

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