Think Christmas Thank You!

Day 3

You know what is like after opening all the lovely gifts at Christmas and you have to then sit down and write your Thank You notes.  Well I have been doing that this morning and I just wanted to say a public Thank You to everyone who visited my Hop yesterday and for all the lovely comments and new Followers I now have.
Someone (sorry I can’t remember who and I may have dreamt it!!!) asked if I had made the pattern up myself and I can honestly say no!  I am not that confident yet so tend to follow patterns and the house block I got from off the Web (surprise, surprise!)  It was a free pattern from (hope that works).  I have used these patterns a couple of times and find them very clear to use and follow.
Day 3 is underway at the Think Christmas Blog Hop and these ladies are hosting today :
Wednesday, August 1
I will be stopping by in a little while to see what everyone is up to (I really need to get on with some work; I like playing too much!)

Treacle will also be along in a little while with her Wednesday Wag (she is too busy playing with Youngest at the moment!) and an update of what we have been doing.  
Today is the start of Pets on Quilts and I am hoping to get something finished for that, late again, oh my ears and whiskers!!!

Have a lovely Quilty Wednesday and I will be back later.

Susie x  

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