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5,000 View Giveaway or Should It be 6,000 Views?

 I promised when we got to 5,000 views I would have a Giveaway.
Guess what?  Because of the Red, White & Blue Blog Hop I am now on 6,000 views!!!! Yeah thank you!!!
So I am giving away to two lucky winners this mug and mug rug :


The fabric is Christmas fabric and goes well with all the ladies doing Christmas in July.
To win one of these all you have to do is follow my blog, if you are new, and leave me a comment on what you like best about Christmas.
To me the best thing about Christmas is being at home with the family and having the Christmas decorations up and the cold weather.
This does not apply if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is warm at Christmas!  I don’t know, having lived in England all my life, if I could cope with a warm Christmas.
You will have one week in which to leave me a comment for my Giveaway and I will try and get the random number generator working for Friday July 27th to pick two winners.  I saw the Tutorial on Sew Many Ways for the RNG thing and will be following Karen’s advice and try and sort it out.

So please leave me a comment and follow my blog.  I loved reading all the comments from the Blog Hop and can’t wait to meet more of you.

I will ship Internationally and please make sure you are not a no reply blogger.  If you are not sure, put your email address in the comment.

 Of course I thought this would also lead nicely into the next Blog Hop I am participating in :
This is being hosted by Lesley from The Cuddle Quilter and my day is July 31st along with these other talented ladies :
Happy Quilting Friday and Weekend

Hectic But Good Day

Today has been hectic with my racing to get all my house jobs done this morning, having got The Boys off to school and DH to work, as I was having lunch with Girlfriend’s Mom!  We did lunch!  It was really good too.  A local Italian bistro and Eldest and Girlfriend also joined us.  Problem was I didn’t want to do any work when I got back home!!!!
Treacle is now resplendent in her summer coat she went from looking like this :
Very curly and quite a thick coat 
 To this :
Don’t I look elegant!!!!

Do you like the pose?
 In fact we have a smaller dog now!!!!  Just in time as well as the weather forecast is saying that over the weekend it is going to be warm and sunny!!! Yeah 

Tonight they are running the Wild, Wet and Wacky competition which should have run on the Thursday of Carnival Week.  Guess what?  Its raining heavily so I am going to have lots of wet children and clothes coming in, in about an hour!!!!

Sometimes I feel like a Chinese Laundry!!! 

On a completely other subject, do you ever read a blog and there is a really good idea and then you don’t take a note of the blog name or address and don’t remember where you have seen it?  Well I have done that over the last few days.  I came across the idea of Popsicle sticks with activities on and the kids draw them out.  I thought that was a great idea for when Eldest is away with Girlfriend and her Family, for Youngest and I to do things during the day.  

I have done a selection and split them into “W”et day activities and “D”ry day activities.  I just need to put them in a container so Youngest can see the “W” or “D” depending upon the weather and I will decorate it.

Oh well having enjoyed myself this afternoon I had better get on with some work.  Don’t tell Treacle, but she is off to the Vet tomorrow!!!!!!

Susie x

We Have A Winner!


I got the Boys to draw a name out of the hat this evening when they got in from school (and before Eldest goes swimming and Youngest to tennis!!!!).  Yes it was actually a hat.

Of course Treacle got in on the act too!
  They picked a name, can you see Treacle reading it?
 And the Winner of my Red, White & Blue Blog Hop Giveaway is :
Karen O of Quilting, Losing and Tea.  I asked what everyone loves about summer and Karen said 
I love summer because I can ride my bike. Susie, glad to see all your new followers. I love your blog – it is one I visit every time you post. I just don’t have time to comment much if I want to get some quilting done! Wonderful giveaway. This anglophile would love to win.”
So Congratulations to Karen and thank you to everyone else who left comments.  As I said yesterday I will be hosting another Giveaway at the end of the week with two items to Giveaway,  so please come back and see what’s happening then.
Happy Quilting and a Terrific Tuesday!
Susie x

One of those days when I met myself coming back!!!

This is what I feel like this evening!!!
It really has been one of those days!
10.00 – 11.00am Pilates
10.00 – 12.00am Bank Manager Visit
1.30 – 4.00pm Tea Party Eldest was running at school
3.30 – 6.00pm Hair Appointment
5.00 – 6.00pm Tutor Session for Eldest
6.30 – 8.00pm Last meeting of Scout Group, AGM, Rounders on the Park and Hotdogs
7.30 – 9.00pm Quilt Club 
Fortunately DH was working at home today and could take some of the load!  How is it that all this happens on one day?  
The rest of the week is shaping up to be more of the same, as I try and cram in as many jobs as possible before the Boys break up!
Oh and its been raining, again, here!  No surprise there.  We are still trying to run two of the events which should have happened during Carnival Week and don’t know if they will go ahead still, because of the rain!
Treacle is off to the Hairdressers on Wednesday and then to her doctors for her booster jabs (shush I am not telling her yet!!!!!)
Quilt club was great and I took Treacle’s quilt for show and tell although it is not bound yet (I know, I know I will get it done this week!!!!!)
Tomorrow I will get them (The Boys & Treacle) to pull a name out of the hat from all the people who commented on by block in the Red, White & Blue Blog Hop.  I had great fun.
Will let you know tomorrow who it is!  Now I really must get on with the Think Christmas one and of course my Giveaway for 5000 views (at this rate I will be up to 6000 by the time I do it!)  I didn’t want to confuse you with the Blog Hop as well.  So end of this week there will be another Giveaway.
Well as it is now 10.30pm I am going to bed and get some rest before tomorrow starts.  
Happy Tuesday
Susie x

A Huge Thank You!

I just want to say a huge thank you to all my new Followers and everyone who left me a comment on yesterday’s Red, White & Blue Blog Hop.  I have so enjoyed reading all the comments, many of which made me laugh and smile.   
I have tried to reply to everyone who left a comment, either to their email or under their comment on the blog.  If I have missed anyone, please let me know.  
You can still enter the Giveaway until July 16th and the Boys will draw a name out of the hat on the 17th, no doubt with Treacle’s help too!
Please know that if you have a blog I will be stopping by over the next week or so to say hi.  I just have to fit it round work and household jobs too!
I have had a great time and can’t thank Madame Samm and Jane enough for organising it.
I am taking part in the Think Christmas – Red, Green and White Hop at the end of the month  so pop back and see what I have been up to now!  

(Note to Self : I had better hurry up and do something!)
Hope you have a great week and happy quilting.
Susie x

July 14th – Red, White & Blue Blog Hop – It’s My Turn


Welcome to My very first Blog Hop and my Day on the Red, White and Blue Blog Hop

Make yourself comfy, have a cup of tea (I am English!) and have fun.

The Brief from Jane and Madame Samm was :
Using Red/White/Blue fabrics you are to make a block (1 or more)
Size 10 1/2  or 12 1/2 UNFINISHED
Now as you know I have not been quilting too long but a little while ago I participated in a Quilter’s Day Swap and had a great time doing a small quilt from a Schnibbles Pattern which was based around the log cabin block.  I really enjoyed it so thought I would do a small tutorial for you, in red, white and blue, of a log cabin block.
So here goes :
To make a traditional 12 1/2 inch log cabin block you will need : 

One 3 1/2 inch centre square
Light Strips : 3 1/2 inch, 5 inches, 6 1/2 inches,  8 inches, 9 1/2 inch & 11 inches
Dark Strips:  5 inches, 6 1/2 inches, 8 inches, 9 1/2 inches, 11 inches, 12 1/2 inches
You add strips to the log cabin block clockwise or anticlockwise,  as you go and it is important to continue in the same direction for the whole block. 
You start with your centre square and add the first strip to the top of the centre block.
Now add the second strip (either on the right, clockwise or left anticlockwise I am going anticlockwise)
 Continue to add strips (the next one goes at the bottom of the block)

And finally the last block on the right (as you look at the picture)

The first round is complete and it should measure 6 1/2 inches square

We now continue to add our strips continuing round in which ever direction you have chosen:
 The next strip on the top

The next strip on the left hand side

The next strip on the bottom

The final strip on the right hand side and another round is completed.  This should now measure 9 1/2 inches.  Although you cannot see clearly, mine does make 9 1/2 inches (Yeah!)

Continuing adding your strips (remember which way round you are going!) so mine goes at the top.

The next strip goes on the left.

The next strip goes on the bottom.

The final strip goes on to the block on the right.

Your block is now complete and should measure 12 1/2 inches, which it does!

For a beginner this block is really easy, goes together fast and looks great, especially with all the combinations you can do.  Just to show you how the block would look if you start with a dark centre I made another block :

You can see the difference just with a change of the centre square.  I will now go on and make these into a small quilt.

I hope you have enjoyed my small tutorial, now onto the Giveaway.

To enter all you have to do is follow my blog and leave me a comment on what your favourite thing is about Summer.  

My favourite thing about summer is the long days and the warm weather (we do get days like that occasionally here!).  It is also my Birthday in June, which is always fun, although when I was born my Mom thought it would be great as I could have all my birthday parties in the garden.  I think all the time I was having parties only three were in the garden, the rest were inside because it was raining!  I also love the garden and sitting out in the early evening listening to the birds and the lazy buzz of the bees.  

So tell me what you love, I can’t wait to hear from you.

I will get The Boys to draw a number out of the Hat from all the entries on July 17th (the day after the Blog Hop ends).  

I am willing to ship internationally.  Please be sure you are not a “no reply” blogger so I have a way to contact you if you are the winner.  If you are unsure, put your email in your comment.

Sticking to the Red, White and Blue theme here is what I am giving away :

A pin cushion made with log cabin block I made

Filled with red, white and blue flower head pins

The pin cushion will be inside this lovely tin with a robin on

Also included a Cath Kidston strawberry mug and Union Flag paper Handkerchiefs.
Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have had fun whilst visiting my blog.  Thanks also to Madame Samm and Jane at Jane’s Fabrics and Quilts for organising and hosting this Blog Hop.  I have had a great time, thank you.
Don’t forget to visit the other blogs which are hopping today.  These are :
July 14th
Diann C  (Jane’s Fabrics and Quilts are hosting )

 Treacle has been busy keeping me company whilst I was reading all the other Hopping Blogs.

Have a great weekend and happy quilting.