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Treacle Says “Think Christmas”


Morning Think Christmas Blog Hoppers and welcome to my day on the Think Christmas Blog Hop.  This is the second hop I have taken part in and had so much fun in the first one, the Red, White & Blue Blog Hop, that when Madame Samm announced this, being hosted by Lesley at The Cuddle Quilter (what a great name for a blog!!!) I had to join in.
I think I was a bit laid back with this hop, the first one I had it all done, prepared and photographed for weeks before and this I thought oh I have loads of time, but I forgot the Boys were going to be at home!!!!!  To say it has been a little rushed is an understatement!
Here goes and I hope you like the block I have chosen.
A Christmas House with an appliqued Snowman
I have seen on a lot of blogs recently these houses being made especially with Homespun fabrics and quite a bit of applique on.  Now this is only my second attempt at applique and it is getting easier each time I do some.
Having enjoyed making this block, I had some more fabric left so :

And I had still more fabric left so :

And more fabric left so :

I now have a Christmas village, well almost!!!!!

 This is what I have done with them  :

I ran out of time to put the binding on but will get it done and then show you a picture!  The blocks are 12 1/2  inches square before the borders.

The brief was to use Red, Green and White fabric and you can see the way I have used them, which I am pleased to say all came from my stash!  Lesley loves Santa’s but I only had snowmen, sorry Lesley!
I really wanted to try making these houses and was pleased to see how easy they are and along with the log cabin blocks I have been making are now one of my favourites.  Again I could do lots of things, I just need more time!!!!!!
I had to put Santa on for Lesley!


Here is what I am giving away :
A Moda Winter Wonderland Charm Pack by Ingrid for Moda
All you need to do is follow my blog, if you are new, and leave me a comment to say Merry Christmas and to let me know you are a new follower or if you are already a follower just let me know you stopped by.  I will ship Internationally and please make sure you are not a no reply person.  If you are not sure, leave me your email address in your comment.  I will get the Random Number Generator to pick a winner on August 6th, the day after the hop finishes.
Christmas has always been my most favourite time of the year (sorry I don’t like New Year!!!).  When I lived at home we used to go to my maternal Grandparents for Christmas.  We used to leave on December 23rd and spend the whole of Christmas and New Year with them and my Great Grandmother Jones, who lived with them.  It was a lovely family time with lots of preparations for Christmas Day and last minute bits of shopping and craft making.  
My Grandad and Dad would be making sure there was enough logs for the fires over the holiday period, my Grandma and Mom would be getting the food prepared and wonderful puddings and mince pies made and I would be putting the finishing touches to the Christmas trees.  
Christmas Eve dinner would be early at 5.00pm and when I was little, scooted off to bed, but it was so difficult to go to sleep as I knew Santa was on the way.  One year I actually heard the sleigh and reindeer land on the roof and the sleigh bells ringing.
As I got older I was allowed to help with the preparations and every year before the big day one of my jobs would be to collect the feathers as my Grandma plucked the goose for Christmas dinner.  She had a small sitting room off the kitchen and all the doors and windows were closed and the room would be filled with feathers as she plucked and I had to pick them up, as they were used to fill the new pillows for the sofas.
Christmas Day was a magical day, opening presents from Santa in the morning around the Christmas tree in our PJ’s and a light breakfast, with the goose already cooking.  Grandma always made me hot chocolate and the adults had coffee with a tot of rum in, especially if it was really cold!
Dinner was always at 2.00pm, after a visit to Church, and then gifts were opened from under the Christmas tree.  In the evening board or card games were played with a light supper being served at about 7.00pm.
Boxing Day was a completely relaxed day walking the dogs in the morning and hopefully playing in the snow, if it had snowed.  Lunch was a cold buffet and dinner in the evening was only the adults, usually with friends and other relatives visiting us.  
As my Grandparents got older my parents took over the hosting of Christmas, but continued with all the traditions and I helped out more and more.  Sadly it all changed as my Parents and Grandparents died, but I have tried very hard to build our own traditions around Christmas for DH and The Boys.  We don’t have a goose anymore (none of them like it) but we do have turkey or chicken but it does come undressed!!
I hope you have liked a little insight into my childhood Christmases.  Thanks to Madame Samm for suggesting this and to Santa Lesley for hosting and organising us all (hope your back feels better soon Lesley) and Thanks to all of you for visiting my Blog.

Merry Christmas!

Don’t forget to visit the other ladies hosting today on Think Christmas Blog Hop.  They are :

Tuesday, July 31 

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138 thoughts on “Think Christmas!

  1. Lesley

    Oh my goodness, Susie Q…you made me laugh, giggle, and cry with this wonderful post. I adore your houses, and love the snowmen, especially how you change their position in your little quilt. It is gorgeous, and you were right to choose snowmen instead of Santas…but I sure do love the picture of Santa you provided for me…he is just so cute! The icing on the cake was your story of past Christmases….thanks so much for sharing your delightful memories! Also so nice that you like my blog name…you make me smile!


  2. Gill

    Hi Susie
    Merry Christmas – though the weather isn't very seasonal here today!
    Thanks for a great giveaway! I love your house blocks – my very first quilt was a house quilt, I love them!


  3. Zuzan

    Thank you for the Christmas Village which already have snowmen. Merry Christmas & thank you for the 'present'. I am a follower from RWB Hop but here is my zuzanzap (at)gmail(dot)com


  4. Linda

    Thank you for sharing your Christmas Village blocks. Memories are so very special..It sometimes helps us remember the importance of creating memories and traditions for our families! I am a follower who is enjoying your Olympics each night!


  5. JoyceLM

    Merry Christmas in July. Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories. Love the houses & Treacle. Thanks for the chance to win. I'm a new follower.


  6. Madame Samm

    Good Morning, Susie, great home block…very appropriate for reminding us all that our passion can be found right there in our homes…much blessings.!


  7. Scrapbook-ChickADoodle

    I enjoyed your Christmas story. It reminds me of my childhood (except the feathers). So nice that you are continuing traditions for your boys.

    Your houses are sweet and make a perfect little village.
    I am a follower. Thanks for the chance to win.


  8. Cliodana

    Merry christmas to you! I start following your blog with bloglovin. Your block is great, love the little snowman! Hope to see you on my blog on sunday for my turn, have a giveaway too! hace a nice day and thank's for the chance to win


  9. Margaret

    Your house blocks are very nicely done. I like the little details that make them unique. Thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of us. I am a new follower.


  10. Purl Buttons

    Happy Christmas! I am a new follower. My personal tradition is reading A Christmas Carol and seeing as many versions of the movie as my family can stand.


  11. Sandra

    Merry Christmas to you from a new follower. I am sure you are going to have a lot more new followers before the Think Christmas blog hop is over. I have enjoyed seeing your log cabin blocks with the cute Santa. Good job. Thank you for sharing your childhood insight with us and giving all of us a chance to win the Moda Winter Wonderland Charm Pack. Someone will be making Chritmas Quilt soon.

    Sandi T.


  12. Linda

    Merry Christmas! I'm a new follower! Thank you for sharing your sweet little house blocks and telling us about your childhood Christmas memories. You must have grown up in part of the UK. It sounds just magical!


  13. Snoodles

    Your blocks are wonderful, and the snowmen out front are so cute! Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories with us, too. I'm a new follower, and I thank you for the chance to win!


  14. Sandy D

    Merry Christmas .I am a new follower.Houses are so much fun to piece and at Christmas we can use our Christmas fabrics on them.Thanks for sharing your memories.


  15. aiah23

    Thanks so much for sharing about your Christmas traditions and their basis in your parents and grandparents, I love hearing stuff like that! Your blocks were so cute, what great Christmas-y options! It's my favorite holiday too and ditto on the New Year's Eve bit!


  16. Susan

    Thanks for sharing your lovely blocks and Christmas memories. I am a new follower and look forward to seeing more of your creativity!


  17. Judy1522

    I love your blocks and that snowman is so adorable. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful childhood Christmas memories. I have always wanted to try Goose probably because one of my favorite Christmas stories is “A Christmas Carol”. I have been following your blog since the Red White and Blue blog hop.


  18. Bonny

    Hi! I love your house blocks – was hoping for a tutorial!
    I am a new follower – thank you for having such a wonderful blog to follow 🙂


  19. CaroleM

    Merry Christmas! I am a new follower. I love the little snowmen around the houseblocks – that turned out really sweet. Thank you for sharing a bit about your Christmas with us.


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