The Greatest Show On Earth!

 London is illuminated by a stunning firework display as the Opening Ceremony reaches a crescendo
How proud we are to be British with the amazing Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Park last night. 
The naysayers have been moaning about money spent on the Olympics, in the present economic climate but they can all go and hide somewhere because it was worth every penny.  Team GB has an athlete in every sport at the Games and I think that is fantastic and to see all the Countries represented, especially those who only have two or three competitors that is what this is all about.  For seventeen days in London there will be no conflicts, no wars just unity in sport.
Danny Boyle and his team had created a view of British life and even if all of the Opening Ceremony was not understood by everyone around the World I think the gist of it was and Her Majesty, The Queen, entered into the spirit of the event with James Bond accompanying her to the Opening!  I think people forget she is human, they just see the title!!  The Boys, of course, liked Mr Bean the best, Rowan Atkinson is a National Treasure!!!!!!
Good luck to all the Athletes and Go For Gold to Team GB.



5 thoughts on “The Greatest Show On Earth!

  1. Diane-crewe

    I thought it was wonderful…esp the Queen ! Just loved it all and makes me proud. I loved the tongue in cheek.. dont take your self so serious attitude that suits us so much xx

  2. Catherine

    I think your Olympics is wonderful. Couldn`t be better. And Rowen Atkinson IS a National Treasure! I`ve been a fan for years!

  3. Judy1522

    I didn't see the complete opening ceremonies but saw the part with Rowan Atkinson and loved it. Very cleverly done!

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