Whirlwind Three Days

We decided not to do anything, and I mean anything, today.  We didn’t get up early, we had fruit and eggs for breakfast and spent the day chilling.  The boys were supposed to get their hair cut but our friend, and hairdresser, was poorly, so Youngest spent the day in his PJ’s!!!!
We had to get Eldest’s hair cut as he was going away today with his Girlfriend and her family, fortunately we found another friend who could do that and the rest of the day was spent getting him ready for flying out this morning at 6.00am!!!
That just leaves Youngest and I (DH is working of course) and I came up with the idea of how he could choose what to do during the day (I found it on someone else’s blog and if you read mine, I am sorry I cannot give you the credit; I forgot where I saw it!!!!)
Popsicle Sticks with an outing written on.

We have so many for “D”ry Days and so many for “W”et Days
 Last night he chose the first stick and it was a Day Out at the West Midlands Safari Park about an hour and half drive away from home.  
So with a picnic packed, sun cream and lots of bottles of water, we set off at 8.30am this morning.  We were doing okay until we got to within five miles of the entrance and some temporary traffic lights caused a very long traffic jam.  We finally got in at 11.00am but the rest of the day was great.  We left at 4.00pm having done and seen everything and I now have one very tired but happy Boy!
Here are a few pictures we took :
The Rhino were busy

It was so warm the Lions were sheltering

Youngest feeding the wildlife

A lemur came to say hello

This one was waving to us!

The Meerkat on lookout
Youngest thought this looked like his brother – Very tall!!!!!
From a sleepy Mommy too.
Susie x 

PS Treacle had a quiet day in, after two very hectic days with the Boys on Monday and Tuesday.  Normally she has quite a bit of sleep when we are here on our own, but with the Boys at home she never stopped, so today she spent catching up on her sleep!!!!

PPS  Eldest got to the villa they are staying in at 8.45am this morning and has been lounging by the pool most of the day!!!!  All right for some!!!!

PPPS  The weather here at the moment is great.  I am not complaining!!!!!

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