Schools Out for Summer!!!

Finally School has finished for Summer.  I am so pleased, every one of us, DH, Eldest, Youngest and myself need the break.  It has been so hectic in the run up to the end of term and the weather has not helped.
However, instead of the weather being really nice up to the Kids breaking up and then turning bad, the exact opposite has happened and it has turned warm and sunny and that is a relief too.
I have planned lots of things for the next three weeks and will post photos after each day.  
I have even got some quilting done today, yeah!!!!
There is still time to enter the 5,000 Giveaway and thanks to those that already have and don’t forget the “Think Christmas Blog Hop” which begins at the end of this month.
Susie x

5 thoughts on “Schools Out for Summer!!!

  1. Gill

    This year was my last 'end of term' ever! my youngest is off to uni in September and I guess life will never be the same again!!


  2. Ginny

    Wow, your school goes late! My kids were all finished in May, or early June (one in college, the others in private schools in NYC.) They've already come and gone from vacations, camps, etc—it's been a long summer for us already!


  3. Susie Q

    Hi, Ginny, yes in England we only have six weeks at the summer, our school system has half terms so they get a week off in October, February and May and then two weeks at Christmas and Easter. I really wish we had a longer summer holiday sometimes, but we can't always guarantee the weather here! Susie x


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