Hectic But Good Day

Today has been hectic with my racing to get all my house jobs done this morning, having got The Boys off to school and DH to work, as I was having lunch with Girlfriend’s Mom!  We did lunch!  It was really good too.  A local Italian bistro and Eldest and Girlfriend also joined us.  Problem was I didn’t want to do any work when I got back home!!!!
Treacle is now resplendent in her summer coat she went from looking like this :
Very curly and quite a thick coat 
 To this :
Don’t I look elegant!!!!

Do you like the pose?
 In fact we have a smaller dog now!!!!  Just in time as well as the weather forecast is saying that over the weekend it is going to be warm and sunny!!! Yeah 

Tonight they are running the Wild, Wet and Wacky competition which should have run on the Thursday of Carnival Week.  Guess what?  Its raining heavily so I am going to have lots of wet children and clothes coming in, in about an hour!!!!

Sometimes I feel like a Chinese Laundry!!! 

On a completely other subject, do you ever read a blog and there is a really good idea and then you don’t take a note of the blog name or address and don’t remember where you have seen it?  Well I have done that over the last few days.  I came across the idea of Popsicle sticks with activities on and the kids draw them out.  I thought that was a great idea for when Eldest is away with Girlfriend and her Family, for Youngest and I to do things during the day.  

I have done a selection and split them into “W”et day activities and “D”ry day activities.  I just need to put them in a container so Youngest can see the “W” or “D” depending upon the weather and I will decorate it.

Oh well having enjoyed myself this afternoon I had better get on with some work.  Don’t tell Treacle, but she is off to the Vet tomorrow!!!!!!

Susie x

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