Frantic Friday

Working Women : woman finger push solution button  Stock Photo
I need a button like this!!!!
It will be no surprise to anyone who reads my blog to know that yesterday did not go as planned!  I made the mistake of sitting down at my desk and doing my work first, which meant that I was still working at my desk when The Boys got home from school!
So the house jobs did not get done!  Why didn’t I do things the other way round?
Anyway today has to be house jobs day, but I have a few errands to run this morning before that.  Youngest has his Grade 2 Piano exam this morning and is a bundle of nerves.  He has already  gone over the pieces he needs to do and none of them went right!!!!!  Hopefully by the time he gets there it will be all okay!
The Red, White & Blue Blog Hop is still hopping and here are today’s hostesses :
July 13th
 I am hosting tomorrow so please come back then and see what I am up to.  
Oh well I had better get on, otherwise I will run out of time again!
Have a Fantastic Friday.  I am also hoping to get some quilting done over the weekend too.  Watch this space!
Susie x

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