Home Day Thursday

Pentrich Village Hall where the sale was held.  It used to be the Village school.
Today is the day I usually get house jobs done and catch up on business work too!  Yesterday I snuck a day off, sch don’t tell anyone!!
I was contacted by a lady from one of the local quilting groups who meet during the day and said they were having a sale of items from one of their ladies who had sadly passed away.  She wanted her stash and other crafty things to be sold and the proceeds going to the local hospice.
A friend, from the swimming club, and I got there at 10.45am for it to begin at 11.00am but they very kindly let us in early.  Good job too as lots of people turned up.  I came home with a modest haul of fabrics but my friend bought lots.  She is, at the moment, in the process of clearing out her sewing room, with the help of her husband.  She was going to hide the bag of new fabric in her car and then sneak it into the house when he is out!!!!
Here’s what I bought, I thought I was very good not buying too much!
 This morning Treacle decided it was playtime at 5.30am!  When I got up to see what was going off this is what I found!

Treacle and her string toy, which makes a loud bang when she drops it!

 Little does she know yet but next week she is off for a haircut!  Then to her doctors for her booster injections.  I think we will be suffering from major sulks next week.

Oh well, must leave the fabric alone and the computer and get some jobs done!
I almost forget the Blog Hop is still on and these are the ladies hosting today.  My turn on July 14th and boy am I getting nervous having seen all these fantastic blocks already!
July 12th
Have a Thrilling Thursday, happy quilting.

Susie x

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