Tuesday Already!

The food waiting for the Carnival Queen, Attendants & Judges

Not a good picture of the Parade from Saturday.  The grass looks very green; its all the rain!!
It’s Tuesday already and I haven’t posted anything for days!!!!  The weather has been bad here and last Friday when we were trying to get ready for Carnival it rained and rained and rained.  It caused quite a lot of local flooding (we live on a hill so aren’t affected) but the fields around the village were flooded and a few people were sandbagging their properties.  
This meant that the park, in the centre of our village where the Carnival is held, was too wet to put things up!  We moved everything onto the village hall car park and everything else got moved round.  The day itself was quite good and it only started to rain in the evening after we had cleared up but it was a shame as it was not as big as usual.  Our family, including Girlfriend, were down there at 7.00am on the Saturday and didn’t leave until 7.00pm so a long day.
Our Swimming Club
 We were then up and out early on Sunday, again 7.00am at the Pool, for our swimming open.  At least we were indoors this time.  This is the third year we have run this event and each year we have had more and more swimmers.  This year was no exception and despite a few technical hitches at the start the day ran well.  
Youngest was swimming (Eldest is too fast for the events) and he got a medal for his 100m front crawl, so was really pleased.  He didn’t get anything for his 100m Breast or 100m Back but knocked about 30 seconds off of each time so he did really well, although he doesn’t see that!
So by Monday we were all tired and a little grumpy (two weeks left at school!!!!) and I ended up doing nothing all day, except tidying the house and making dinner!
Today I need to catch up on work and get the washing done!  Nothing got done over the weekend.  Treacle I think will be packing her bags having spent two days on her own!  At the moment she is in her basket –  reclining.
I’m Tired!!!!!
Blog Hop
The Red, White & Blue Blog Hop is going on and I have been catching up with the hostesses when I had five minutes.  I am hosting on Saturday July 14th and there is a giveaway so please come back and see what I am up to.
Hosting today are :
July 10th
I will hopefully be able to get back to quilting this week now that things have calmed down a bit.  I hope your weekend was good wherever and happy Quilting.
Susie x

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