Blog Hop Day 5

Hi All,  Day 5 of the Red, White & Blue Blog Hop and these are the blogs hosting today.  
July 5th
The weather is a little calmer here today and we now have people asking, as it is better, why things have to be postponed!  The ground is still saturated so we cannot go ahead with the event today, but people just see that the weather is okay! It can be very frustrating.
I managed to catch up with work yesterday and today is house jobs which hopefully I will get done as well before the busy weekend.  The Boys are getting tired, we still have two weeks of school left before the summer break and I cannot wait!  I am getting tired too 
I think I am also getting quilting withdrawal as I have not done anything in over a week, except look at all the talented ladies and their various red, white and blue blocks, which makes me want to sew more!!!!!
Hopefully next week I can get back to it.  Treacle is still waiting for her quilt!!! She will be packing her bags and leaving home at this rate!
Happy Thursday
Susie x

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